40 Day Social Media Challenge

What if you could move from social media overwhelm to clarity in 40 days?


The next challenge will be offered in May 2017.

40 DAYS to develop your voice on social + create a new habit for your business!
Get content ideas, daily prompts, community, and expert tips.

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Why join the challenge?

Hundreds of yoga teachers and wellness professionals  have participated in our challenge to date.
Here’s what a few have said about the experience…

“The most valuable thing I gained from the challenge was my creativity through the variety of post types and learning how to create Pinterest Posts. I now have so many new ideas to use with my marketing plan that I NOW get to develop.” Katie Rose

“I loved the different daily challenges that forced you to think about your business outside of the box and all the helpful hints.” Ali McCall

“This challenge forced me out of my ‘I don’t get this’ mentality and added new learning curves to my marketing strategies. The skills are transferable to other avenues of my life and business. It gave me a voice and backbone. A lot of super cool things happened once I went all in to the challenge and I’ll be forever grateful for that.” Selena Isles

“It gave me amazing ideas, inspired me to try new things with guidance and by doing the challenge, I set my intentions to grow my practice and I believe it worked. Thank you!” Shannon Gordon

“Your challenge was the catalyst for a variety of things for me. First, it gave me a ton of ideas for posting on my Instagram and Facebook business pages. Then, using the graphic design tools you suggested, I overhauled my website. And lastly, with my newfound confidence, I created some promotional materials and I have never promoted myself like that before! Being a part of this course knocked the intimidation factor down for me and I have now created an actual online course that has been my goal for years. Thank you for the nudge to continue doing things I was afraid of doing.” Anne Talhelm

Notify me the next time that the challenge is offered.

Do you…


Watch with envy as others grow their social following and wonder where they find the time?
Sometimes secretly wish that social media wasn’t a thing?

Feel utter overwhelm when creating content and end up scrolling through FB for the next few hours?
Struggle with thinking beyond food or pet photos for your Instagram content?

Fear that if you start with social, you won’t maintain it?


Our Social Media Challenge is what you’ve been waiting for.
We challenge you to post on social media for 40 days.


We’ll give you all the inspiration and support you’ll need.

Pssst… Guess what else?

40 Days creates a HABIT.


Daily Content Ideas

Everyday, you’ll receive prompts and instructions for which social network to post to that day. You decide what will go in those posts. We’ll give you the inspiration and you make it yours. It will be fun + easy. We promise.


What would a social challenge be without some socializing? Surround yourself with others who are dedicated to building their voice online and who’ll help keep you accountable. You can pair up with a buddy to share each other’s content and maybe even exchange guest posts!

Social Media Tips

You’ll receive tips and ideas for how to use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. These mini trainings will enable you to deliver consistent, valuable, and authentic content to your audience WELL beyond the challenge.


At the end of the challenge, you’ll be full of ideas for how social media can best serve you. You will have found your style and rhythm with posting and confidently know how to make social media work for your business + brand.

Deep Connection. With Real People.


That’s why you decided to build a business teaching yoga, isn’t it? You were healed or touched at some point by the ancient discipline of yoga and decided to become a teacher to teach this newfound wisdom to others.

Social media gives you the power to connect with thousands of students worldwide. It allows you to support and celebrate your students in a way that you can’t do in the studio.

Whether you plan to start a new business, change studios, or teach while travelling, embrace the  power of social media.

We’ll show you how to gently build social media into your business.


Are you up for the challenge?
Here’s what you’ll need to build your brand on social media:


Observe daily moments of joy or inspiration. Note things that make you happy, a quote that touches you, a pearl of wisdom you learned in class…this is what your followers want from you and what you’ll be sharing.

Observe. Be present.


Harness the creative and powerful force of intentions. What do you want out of this challenge and — ultimately –your business? Let yourself daydream.


1 Hour/Week

One hour a week is a small commitment to develop your voice and get your brand moving forward. Put it on the calendar.

Make it a priority.

Notify me the next time that the challenge is offered!