You focus on teaching. We handle the tech.

Namastream allows you to teach online to anyone from anywhere.

Customize the Look of Your Virtual Studio

Select your brand color, images, and write your own copy so your virtual studio is an extension of your brand. When a student arrives at your Namastream site, you and your business are front and center (we’ll gladly stay behind the scenes, thanks!).

Upload and Store Video, Audio, and Document Files

Quickly upload multiple types of media including video, audio, and PDF files directly into Namastream. Enhance your teaching with the ability to deliver your content in the most effective format.


Easily Sell Courses, Memberships, and Live Classes

Build a course where the content is scheduled or “dripped” to your students over time, create a membership and receive recurring revenue or, keep it simple, and bundle a number of videos (or audios or docs) together and sell them as a product. Or why not do one of each! The number of ways you can craft your offerings is only limited by your imagination.

Unlimited Courses and Students

Grow your business as big as you’d like, and we’ll be there cheering you on every step of the way! There are no limits to the number of courses you create or clients you attract.


Start teaching TODAY with our new live-streaming feature! Bundle videos, PDFs, and live-streaming events into your various products or memberships. With live-streaming, you don’t have to spend time recording, editing, and uploading a video prior to making a sale. You just need a webcam and to hit the ‘Go Live’ button to teach or train your clients in real time.

Shopping Cart

Easily accept payments for your online products or memberships from anyone in the world. Your students click the “buy” button and you’ll see the money appear in your bank account. You have the choice between Stripe or Paypal as your payment processor.

Track Sales Through Your Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your business from your dashboard and celebrate each month as your numbers grow. Your dashboard displays your monthly sales, customers, video views and much more. And if you want to dive deeper into your numbers, view the detail reports on customer activity and sales.

Integrate with Mailchimp

Mailchimp and Namastream talk to each other and that means that all your Namastream student’s emails are conveniently placed in their own list inside your Mailchimp account. Nice and tidy!

Namastream allows you to teach online to anyone from anywhere.

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