40 Day Social Media Challenge

Overwhelmed by social media? Tired of always having to think up authentic yet ‘shareable’ content for your blog and social media posts? Your inspiration and support has arrived!

Throughout the hundreds of hours we’ve spent talking business strategy with yoga teachers and studio owners, one of the things we hear over and over is how much frustration and overwhelm everyone experiences with social media.

Do you feel pressure to be on social media and feel an enormous uncertainty of exactly what to do? There are so many different social networks, which one(s) should you prioritize? And then what about newsletters and blogging. What are you supposed to post to Instagram today? When will you find the time?

Many of the teachers we work with want to increase their reach online and, ultimately, grow a bigger business. But too many tell us that they experience overwhelm and therefore end up doing nothing on social media. We think that’s a big loss to their communities (and their bottom line).

Let’s view social media not as a burden, but an incredible force of good. Social media is a powerful tool to for you to leverage to build your following, expand your class sizes, and develop your voice. Your voice — in the online age —  is your brand. Your voice represents your unique teaching style and vision. And that’s what people need from you whether you’re in the studio or on Facebook.

Social media isn’t always about you. Properly used, it can serve your students. Really! Remember, it’s ‘social’ media because you’re now able to to interact with your community in new and important ways. And that interaction is pure gold. You get a peek into your student’s thoughts, desires and concerns. This feedback is your direct link to what you your students want from you and provides you with insights about how you can better serve them. It’s win-win! Your students get the content they desire and you gain some business momentum.

We believe that the world needs your voice. We are passionate about helping yoga teachers and healers build their teaching practices online. That’s why we’ve created the 40 Day Social Media Challenge. It’s our way of helping you find your style and rhythm with social media. We give you the support and the inspiration each Sunday for a week’s worth of social media posts. Then…we show you how to gently, yet effectively, build social media into your business over the course of the 40 days.

For those that complete the FREE 40 Day Challenge, we have a special bonus. We’ve crafted a little workbook for you. The “108 Social Media Prompts for Yoga Teachers” workbook is an incredible resource that you’ll use well beyond the challenge for your content inspiration. Transform that social media overwhelm into an effortless clear, consistent voice. We start on February 21, 2016.

Join us.

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