A 5-Part Process for Revealing Your Core Values: Part I

{This blog post is the first part of a two-part series on Core Values. Look for Part II next Wednesday!}

We believe that taking the time to reflect and dig deep to identify your core values is the best first step that you can take when scaling your business online. Discovering what motivates you to do your best healing work is crucial for expanding your business. Building out your programs and services is certainly a technical and intellectual endeavor, but it is also something that you’re choosing to integrate into your schedule and your life. Everything you do also involves an opportunity cost, and this process helps to ensure that you’re not unintentionally sacrificing what’s most important to you.

A core values assessment is one of the quickest ways to prioritize what’s most important to you in any given season of your life — and it works for both personal and professional goals. Here are the first couple of steps in our process for identifying your core values. This 30-minute exercise is something you can do every six months. Your life and business are fluid, so your core values should reflect that!

We recommend that you do this exercise offline with a pen and paper, in your journal, or use our printable worksheet. Identifying values is reflective work, and seeing everything on paper will help make your core values both more concrete and tangible.

Step One

Identify your top 10 core values. These are words that quickly spring to mind — ideas that get your heart racing.

  • Could “Freedom” be one of your values?  
  • Is “Duty” a driving force behind your motivation?
  • Is “Flexibility” a key desire for you?
  • Maybe you have an ambition for “Community”?
  • Are “Play” or “Fun” something you are yearning for in your work?

Just let your mind wander, and write down any words, feelings, ideas, that surface. It’s important to be open to the concepts that come up. Aim to  have 40-50 words, which you can then narrow down to 10.

Look for the words that energize and ignite you. Allow for your own definitions to arise. For example, innovation and nonconformity might mean the same thing to some people, but you may identify them as separate values. If you are having trouble narrowing down the 10 values, grab your smartphone, hit voice memo or voice recorder, and read your list aloud. Listen to your playback and it will become obvious which values resonate with you most.

Step Two

Now for the hard part… Once you’ve identified your top 10 core values,  rank them from 1 to 10. Honor that initial gut feeling. Values change over time, so hone in on what you are feeling aligned with right now. Don’t allow for a tie. Simply give these values order and rank — you’ll be able to modify this later.

Once you’ve got this list narrowed down and ranked, we’d like for you to take out a new piece of paper or a few Post-its and write down your top three values. Put them up on your fridge or on your bathroom mirror for the next seven days.

We’ll be back next Wednesday with Part II!

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