7 Creative Ways Yoga Teachers can Use Instagram Stories

We are currently in week one of our 40 Day Social Media Challenge. As we prepared to launch this challenge, we asked our community what currently is overwhelming them or confusing about social media. Our Soulfuls kept mentioning “What are Instagram Stories?” and “How should I use this feature as a yoga teacher or small health coaching business?” So here is everything there is to know about Instagram Stories and seven creative ways you, as a yoga teacher or wellness entrepreneur, can start incorporating this new feature into your business.

Instagram recently rolled out ‘Stories’ and it is becoming a powerful tool for staying top of mind with your followers. This new feature allows you to post photos and videos that capture the exact moments of your day. What makes this different than just posting a video or photo in your Instagram profile is that whatever you share as your ‘story’ appears together in a slideshow (hence why they are calling this feature ‘Stories’). The other important aspect of ‘Stories’ is that they disappear after 24 hours. Uh? I know you are wondering why is that even useful? The intention of ‘Stories’ is to provide your followers with a glimpse into your real-time world, without oversharing or bombarding them with posts in their feed. This is a chance to get really creative and play around with capturing random images that don’t necessary fit with your curated feed. ‘Stories’ is the place to share those unique, wonderful, and quirky things about you and your business in a really fun, organic, and unpolished way.

If you are still not sure about Instagram Stories, know that the fastest way to building a following online is with authentic content. Remember that your authentic voice doesn’t need any fixing because it’s perfect as is. There is nothing to do but capture it and share it with your community. People want video, and Instagram Stories make it easier than ever to do that. You can’t get more authentic than stories. No editing – just film and share. And if you are a little shy or new to filming yourself, ‘Stories’ are the perfect playground to practice within. With each new moment you share with others, your confidence on camera will grow. Trust us, we have seen it happen again and again with our clients.

Here’s how to get started with Instagram Stories . . .

1.   From the home screen in Instagram, either swipe right or click the + button in the top left corner.

2.   Take a photo by tapping the white button in the middle or hold it down to film a video. You can also use a photo or video from your camera roll, just swipe down. (When grabbing something from your camera roll be aware that you can only use something from the last 24 hours. The thunderbolt icon on the left turns on the flash and the arrows icon on the right enables you to switch between the front and forward facing camera (just like when using the camera app).

3.   The pen tool allows you to doodle on your image. There are three types of pen options to choose from (sharpie, flat-line marker, and highlighter), just play around with them all and see what works best for you. It’s a bit hard to write small enough with your finger, so try using a stylus if you want to create a more detailed drawing. There are basic color options at the bottom of the screen, but if you want more options, simply press and hold the colors and a complete 27-color palette appears.

4.   The text tool allows you to add a caption or emojis onto your image. Simply tap and drag around the text to the exact spot that you want it. To change the size of the text just use two fingers (like how you do when zooming in and out of maps).

5.   Swiping left or right adds a filter to your image. Just keep swiping until you see something that you like.

6.   When you’re happy with your image, tap the checkmark icon to share. That’s it, quick’n easy.

Now that you know just how easy it is to get started. Here are seven simple ways to use ‘Stories’ for your wellness business.

  1.   A peek at your morning mantra.

Take a snap as you set yourself up for the morning. Let your community see the space that you use to meditate first thing in the morning. Do you light candles? Listen to music? It’s those little things that can really draw your audience in and build connection.

  1.   Share your news.

Have you started teaching at a new studio? Or maybe you are thinking about launching a virtual studio? Create excitement and hype around your upcoming launch or venture. Because your ‘Stories’ disappear after a day, you won’t be bombarding your audience with constant images that clutter up your feed.

  1.   Ask a question.

Turn the camera on yourself and ask your community directly what kinds of classes or products they are looking for? They have the option to send you a message right there while watching your story (down in the bottom left corner). Your community will be grateful that you took the time to ask them directly and you’ll benefit from a clearer sense of what to offer. Win-win!

  1. Foodie love.

Maybe you already share your daily smoothie or yummy looking treats on regular Instagram? The great thing about sharing a foodie moment is you can add more context. Are you at a cafe taking a break? Or grabbing something to power you through the afternoon? Also, by keeping your yummy treats to your ‘Stories’, your feed can stay cohesive and on topic.

  1.   Behind the scenes.

Many times, our students don’t realize all the prep work that goes on behind the scene. Share snippets of your process as you’re creating a sequence for next week’s class. Are you filming a video for the first time? Or maybe doing a DIY photoshoot in the backyard with the help of a friend.

  1. Through your eyes.

What is your day like when you teach at three different studios? Capture the vibe of your busy day from taking some quick images going to and from each place. Your students will probably be surprised to learn how much time you spend commuting from location to location. Are you studying a course or learning a new skill? Share what you are learning – even if it isn’t ‘on brand’ with your business.

  1. Manifest your desires.

It can be really scary to put your business intentions out there in the universe. Maybe you have big plans for your business, but aren’t quite ready to broadcast loudly on Instagram or FB. Take small steps and share your desires in a story, write down those inspiring words, those hopes for the coming year, and share the snapshots. Test your bravery and put those desires out into the universe. Each time it will become easier and easier.

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