7 Decisions to Make Before Teaching Yoga Online

Here are the 7 Decisions to Make Before Teaching Yoga Online. When will you be ready to jump into online teaching? Take this simple quiz to see what it reveals about your readiness for teaching online… Here are the 7 Decisions to Make Before Teaching Yoga Online. When will you be ready to jump into online teaching? Take this simple quiz to see what it reveals about your readiness for teaching online… Here are the 7 Decisions to Make Before Teaching Yoga Online. When will you be ready to jump into online teaching? Take this simple quiz to see what it reveals about your readiness for teaching online…

When will you be ready to jump into online teaching? Take this simple quiz below or here to see what it reveals about your readiness for teaching online…

  1. Does an Internet business suit me?

We all recognize that the demand for online wellness is increasing, but that doesn’t mean that all of us are suited to running a business online. Being a great teacher does not mean you’re guaranteed to be an Internet sensation.

Growing your following online requires some technical skill and it is much more removed from your students and clients than teaching in person. You also need to be comfortable writing and interacting with people online. It means more time spent in front of your computer and, quite often, your number one task will be marketing yourself and your content.

No? I can’t imagine anything worse than sitting at a desk, posting daily to social media, building a brand, and compressing and uploading video files. Yuck.
Next step: Stick with your current day job.

Yes? I know I can learn the necessary skills and the thought of creating freedom with time and money is thrilling! I can’t wait to reach a more global audience and make a little extra income from it.

Next step: Continue on to question number two.

  1. What will I teach?

Deciding on what you will teach is your next step. What do you want to teach? What is the unique value you bring to your students? What do they want or need from you that they can’t get anywhere else? What are the trends in the market?

 I have no idea what I’d teach.

Next step:  Explore your market, talk to your clients and figure out what excites you and what people want to buy.

I know EXACTLY what I will teach. It’s clear and I’ve known what I want to do for years.
Next step: Continue to question number three.

  1. Who will buy my offering?

Do you have a large and devout following or do you feel like a complete beginner in your market? Either way, you can be successful online BUT you need to clearly identify who your quintessential clients are. Understanding who you are serving will make your marketing a whole lot easier and more effective.

I have no idea who I serve.

Next step: Talk to current clients or, if you are new, describe who you think who you would love to work with.

I know exactly the type of client who needs me. I’ve worked with her for years and know her dreams, fears, what she drives, where she shops, what blogs she reads, and I’ve even given her a name (yes, you really want to know this kind of detail).

Next step: Continue to question number four.

  1. Do I have a new(ish) computer and a fast Internet connection?

Not having the right equipment can end in hours of frustration, and quite often, tears. Believe us, we’ve seen it happen and it’s not pretty. You are about to run an online business, so being able to access the World Wide Web with ease is kind of important.

Equipment, to most of our potential clients, means expensive camera, mic, and lighting packages (which we don’t believe you actually need to start your business). Before you worry about your filming equipment, PLEASE take a look at your computer. You need a new(ish) computer and access to a fast Internet connection. Period. No work around for this one.

Nope, I don’t.  My computer is slow as molasses and my Internet connection is even slower. I can’t Skype with anyone and logging into Facebook tries my patience. (Note: this is often the case for teachers living in developing countries).

Next step: Avoid the hair pulling frustration, save your pennies until you can afford to buy a machine that can load and play videos quickly. You’ll thank us for this one.

Yes, I do! My computer is only a few years old and it works just fine. I can upload video to Facebook and Insta and my Internet is reliable. Woot! I think I’m in business.

Next step: Continue on to question number five below.

  1. How will I begin to grow my following?

Now we get into the nitty gritty. When you are ready to start selling, you need to let people know about your you-need-this-right-now content that you’ve just released. Who are you going to tell if you have no email list or no social media following? Sorry, but Mom, Dad, and your hubby just aren’t enough.

It’s never too early to start collecting emails. Decide if you want to collect emails on your website with an opt-in or if you want to focus on one social media channel to grow your following there.

I have no email list or social media following. I have no clue how to update my website nor what an opt-in is. I’m lost when you use the Internet sales lingo.
Next step: Go old-school with a clipboard and a piece of paper. Ask your in-person clients if they’d like to join your list and learn when you have online content available.

I have a decent following on social media and a small email list. I understand that I am trying to grow an audience, but definitely could use a little more guidance in this area.

Next step: Continue on to question number six.

  1. How much advising and training will I need to succeed?

Imagine you have your content filmed and you are about to tell your community what you’re launching. What happens after you send out your first email and post a few times on social?

I am feeling excited, but overwhelmed and alone. There’s a lot of fear cropping up and I wish I had someone to guide me and answer my questions as they come up. I am committed to my new business, but could use a community to collaborate with (and I love learning from watching other people do the same thing.)

Next step: Check out the Soulful.MBA business community. You’ll find the ‘how’ to all of the above steps (except for how to purchase a computer) and a group of peers to welcome you and answer any and all questions. You are exactly who we built this community for!

I am SO excited to fire up this business. I am clear on my next steps. I fully understand videography, launching, and marketing online products.

Next step: Start getting your list excited about your new project. Continue to question number seven.

  1. Where should I put my content?

Your content needs to have a home online (or online studio, in Namastream-speak). And that home needs a gateway so that only paid students can get through to watch your videos, download your ebooks, and listen to your audio meditations.

Yes, I have a home built on my website for my content complete with payment gateway. I worked with a developer and have custom built a solution on my website. It was a lot of money but now I am ready (I think).

Next step: Start selling your content and enjoy building your business!

Yes, I have a home, I put my content on YouTube. I’ve uploaded my videos to YouTube and am waiting for enough followers so I can see some revenue from ads. But I’m disappointed in the growth.

Next step: While we love YouTube for helping people find you in Google searches, it’s a terrible business model (sorry, YouTube) for almost everyone. Check out Namastream for a video platform where you can charge students to access your content.

No, I don’t have a home for my content. I don’t really know how to do this. Please advise me.

Next step: Sign up for Namastream. Create that virtual studio you’ve been dreaming of, teach or coach from anywhere on the planet, and know that we’ve got your back for any technical issues. You concentrate on creating transformative and impactful content and making an impact on people all over the globe.

Still have questions about Namastream or the Soulful.MBA program? Do you feel undecided about next steps? Please send us an email at team@namastream.com and we will do our best to give you our opinion on where we think you belong at this stage of your business.

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