Why You Should Think Twice About Hiring a Virtual Assistant

“Are you starting an online business? Or eager to take your existing business to the next level? If so, you MUST hire a virtual assistant (VA).”

Or, at least, that’s what we were told back when we first launched our company. At the start of our entrepreneurial journey, we bought into the hype, hired out dozens of tasks, and assumed we were on the right track. But recently, we’ve streamlined our team and taken over jobs that were once delegated to virtual assistants, team members, and agencies, and it has been THE VERY BEST decision we could have made for our business.

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How to Distill the Essence of Your Brand (and Why You Should)

So many Namastream teachers reach out to us asking, “How can I possibly be successful when there are so many other yoga teachers, health coaches, fill-in-the-blanks, online already?” The answer we always give is, “But they’re not YOU.”

The world doesn’t need a handful of famous, untouchable wellness gurus. Human beings crave connection and there are people who can benefit from YOUR unique way of teaching, coaching, and serving.

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How to Use the Facebook Pixel to Grow Your Online Business

There are a lot of Facebook Pixel resources floating around the Internet, but many of them are overly complicated and weirdly vague. (What’s up with that?)

When we recently announced that Namastream teachers could begin installing a Facebook Pixel on their studio sites, we were immediately peppered with eager questions from our community. How should they do this? Is it essential? What are the benefits? How will it help them grow their online businesses? And just what the heck IS a Facebook Pixel anyway?

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Why You Should Fully Commit to Your Business

Friends, we need to talk about commitment.

And not just committing to an idea for a business; that’s the easy part! It’s thrilling to revel in the dream, spending weeks or months plotting and planning while slowly falling in love with your hypothetical yoga studio or sound healing practice. What’s harder is staying true to that business through those first few months, through the hiccups and false starts, through the dips in income and challenging client feedback. Everyday, across every industry, people give up on their nascent enterprises at the first sign of trouble, barely giving their ideas a foothold before abandoning them. And that short-sightedness dooms them to fail again and again.

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How to Light Your Yoga Videos on the Cheap

How to Light Your Yoga Videos on the Cheap: If you want to create professional looking videos for your virtual studio, good lighting is mission critical. Lighting is an art form that can seem intimidating when you’re first starting out as an online teacher. (For many of us, chatting happily into an iPhone camera feels worlds different than filming in a studio with a big, bright, professional lighting setup.) But there are some super simple yet effective ways to control and manipulate lighting in your yoga or fitness videos. 

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How to Use Live-streaming to Grow Your Wellness Business

How to Use Live-streaming to Grow Your Wellness Business: Too many new Namastream teachers get hung up on the idea that they can’t possibly start marketing in earnest until they have hundreds of yoga videos or a handful of in-depth courses. This desire to have thoughtfully crafted offerings—and lots of them—comes from a good place; our teachers don’t want to jump the gun and start charging until they’ve got a solid content base.

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Should You Offer a Membership or an Online Course?

When you’re creating a new online offering, it’s awfully tempting to stick to a format you know well and try to wedge your content into it.

But that can lead to watering down your best ideas, or presenting them in a way that feels awkward or unnatural to your community. You’re be better off by focusing on the end-goal: What do you want this content to accomplish? What should it DO for your clients? Those questions should guide your product design choices, even if they drive you toward a delivery setup that’s a tiny bit outside your comfort zone.

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How to Use Royalty Free Music in Your Online Yoga Videos

Music is an integral part of many wellness classes, and can be especially important to online instruction.

The right playlist adds depth and personality to a yoga video, helping set the tone for the class and creating a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere for the student. But music use can be tricky. Especially if you want it to be fully legal (which, of course, you do!)Playing music during a live or recorded class is considered to be a “performance,” which means if you do it without the proper licenses in place, you can get slapped with hefty fines! It’s easy to think that, as a small studio or single teacher, you might be able to fly under the radar.

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How to Know When Your Business is Ready for Facebook Ads

Quick dose of brutal honesty: It takes time, skill, and a healthy dose of trial-and-error to create Facebook ads that deliver the absolute best results for your unique wellness business. In this post, we’ll give you an overview of some important basics and a few strategies to try, basically a very solid jumping-off point. BUT you’ll need to be patient and persistent as you fine-tune your execution. We can’t promise you’ll be a Facebook ads guru after this one read, but we’ll definitely teach you how to build meaningful ads that support your products, programs, or services.

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21 of the Best Tech Tools for Yoga Teachers

In a recent podcast episode, we dove deep into tech tools that work wonders for yoga teachers, laying out the best software we’ve used to build our own wellness businesses. Today, we wanted to expand on that discussion so you can start exploring each of these offerings on your own! Here’s our rundown of our favorite software, apps, hardware, and online tools for yoga teachers, health coaches, and other wellness experts:

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Why You Need to Think Seriously About Teaching Online

We get it: Yoga involves some intimate work and may seem like an odd fit for the seemingly sterile world of online teaching. Wellness coaching can be incredibly personal, and translating it into a webinar may feel like a stretch. Many aspects of learning within the health and wellness realm may not seem to lend themselves naturally to online classroom spaces.

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How to Add Links to Your Instagram Stories (And Why You Should!)

Instagram has maintained its status as a social media mega-force for several years running—quite an accomplishment in this ever-changing digital landscape! And yet, we entrepreneurs, bloggers, and businesses have become frustrated by the platform’s limitations, especially when it comes to linking back to our own websites. Many of us post a single link in our bios, but this workaround can feel clunky and limiting.

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