108 Blog Post Ideas to Inspire Authentic Content


This list of 108 blog post ideas was created to inspire and help you deliver consistent, valuable, and authentic content to your audience. We’ve divided the ideas into four main areas: Inspire, Give, Engage and Educate

Blog Tips

  • Break long posts into 2-3 smaller posts.

  • Create an editorial calendar so you have a strategy and posts are well timed.

  • Write multiple posts at once and schedule them so you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Lots of Internet experts call this “batching content.”

  • Each of these post ideas could be audio, text or video. Mix it up, keep it interesting, and speak to your community in the ways that resonate best with them.

  • Your best sources of content involve answering the questions that pop up over and over again by your students and clients.

  • You don’t need to do all of these. Pick a few that come naturally to you and repeat them.

  • What is the simplest way for you to communicate? Writing? Speaking? Experiment with both and settle on what comes most naturally.


Beautiful graphic + quote: Simple, elegant and sharable. Use Canva to effortlessly create these posts.

Interview an Interesting Person: Record a brief conversation with a teacher, mentor or student. This is an easier request than a written guest post, since they just have to hop on a quick call or Skype session with you.

Favorite Quotes List Post: What are the your favorite quotes? What’s on your desktop or posted in your work space? Share!

Successful Case Study: Highlight a successful client who is using your services. How has your work impacted her life?

Suggest Creative Ways to Use Your Product or Offering: How can your students be more successful with your product? If you’re a Namastream teacher, perhaps you can remind your students to access your classes while travelling or suggest that they listen to your audio meditations before bed.

Favorite Facebook Pages: Share who you follow on Facebook.

Inspirational Post: Write a thought, idea, concept to inspire your audience. Be yourself, tell a story and speak from your one true + authentic voice.

Show and Tell: Your content doesn’t always have to be what you are teaching. Tell us what you take on your carry-on bag when you travel or what is always in your gym bag or purse.

Profile Post: Write about someone influential in your community or lineage. Share it with that person so they can share with their followers.

Inspirational Video Post: Change things up by creating a short inspirational video. Consider a daily or weekly video post and upload to YouTube for SEO back to your own site.

Post Your Imperfections: Give your community some insight into something that isn’t perfect or shiny or what they’re used to seeing on social media. You’re a real person. Peel back that layer and let us in.

Thank You Post: Thank your audience for following you. Write a heartfelt post on how much they mean to you.

Handwrite a Post: No one said it had to be typed! Handwrite a post and then photograph it. Check out this instagram feed for inspiration.

Celebrate Every Milestone: Celebrate your birthday and your anniversaries around your blog, website or first yoga class. Reflect on what the anniversary means to you today.

Instagram Favorites: Yoga and wellness are very visual markets and people love to learn about great Instagram feeds. Create a top ten list of your favorite Instagram friends and share the love!

Your Routines: It may seem boring to you but your clients are curious about your daily routines (people love morning and evening rituals). How do you get your kids fed and out the door in the morning? How and when do you meditate? What’s your go-to quick weeknight meal? How do you create your altar or your bedtime routine?

An in Memoriam Post: Celebrate someone important to you that has recently passed whether you knew them personally or admired them from afar.

Photo Post: Recently attended a workshop or returned from a vacation? Tell the story with an entire post of your photos.

Most Important Lessons: What are your most important life lessons. Tell your stories around those lessons.


(Check) List Post: A list is a popular post style and, really, anything goes. Think about your customer avatar and what they use or do everyday and create a list around that.  List of your meditation music, list of must-haves for their gym bag, list of most important travel items to have in your carry on luggage…

Create a Tutorial Post: Do you know a topic really well? Are you an expert in a certain area? Create a guide or tutorial on this subject to help your followers understand that subject better.

Favorite Recipe: Even if your blog is not about food, people love to learn what you are eating every day.  Give them your smoothie recipes, quick weeknight meals or how to work super-foods into their day.

How-to Post: What questions do your clients continue to ask? How do get rid of belly fat? How do I stretch out my lower back?  How do I create a space for meditation at home?  How do I shop for healthy breakfast foods?  All those questions are begging to become how-to posts.

Repurpose Old Content: Take an old blog and repost it.  It may need a little updating and you can put a note at the top that this is one of your most commented on posts and are sharing again.  And if your followers are increasing there is a good chance that most won’t have seen all your old posts so it’s new content to them.

Curate: There is no need for you to create brand new and original content for each post.  Collect your favourite posts written by others on a certain topic and share with your audience. Just make sure to give proper credit to the original creators.

Create an Infographic: Infographics are hot right now and everyone shares them. Now they are easier than ever to create by using a site like Piktochart.

Key Influencer: Interview a key influencer in your market. Reach out to top bloggers or a local teacher in your area who has impacted you. Conferences are another great place to grab an influencer for a quick recorded conversation.

Product Review: When a new product has been released in your market, why not review it? Tell us the pros and cons of it and if you’d use it.

Take a Survey and Share Results: Curious to know something about your audience.  Ask them about it!  Create a simple survey with Typeform or SurveyMonkey and share the results.  A request for participants and the results is now two posts!

Give Away: Every now and then it’s nice to share something with your audience to show them appreciation for sticking with you.  Share a snippet from a work-out, a short meditation audio clip or a recipe.  

Comparison Post: Does your audience have options?  Write a comparison post of various yoga mats, protein powders, or meditation apps.  Or consider comparing your online services to in person services.  

Frequently Asked Questions: There is no better source for content than the questions your audience or clients ask.  What questions do you constantly answer?  Answer them all in a blog post and then share that link whenever those questions are asked.

Wish They’d Ask Me These Questions: There are the familiar FAQs but then there are the questions that you wish your audience asked.  What do they not even know but need to?  Maybe they are asking about belly fat but what they really should be asking about is core and pelvic stability.  Or they ask about the best running shoes but they should be first asking about their foot alignment.

Misunderstood Post: Is there something commonly misunderstood in your niche market? Clear the confusion up by doing an entire post on explaining that one misunderstood topic.

Best Blogs Post: Read some inspiring stuff this week?  Post your top 5 blogs that offered you some inspiration or motivation.  Your audience will probably love it too.

Conference Summary: If you recently attended a workshop or conference, write about your key take aways or those pearls of knowledge that you gleaned. What impressed you?  Who did you meet?  Returning next year?

Best of the Week, Month or Year: Create a recurring themed post every week, month or year and highlight the best of a certain topic. Examples are best meditation apps, most inspirational websites or best cookbooks.

Best Podcast: What is the podcast that you can’t live without?  Who is inspiring you?  Who is educating you or entertaining you?  Share you most impactful podcast or specific podcast episodes.

Problem-solution Post: This is another post where the ideas come from your audience.  Think about what you see people struggle with and tell them how to solve it.   What is the solution to sugar crashing at 3pm every day?  Have solutions for those that just can’t get up early to exercise or meditate?  Solve their problems.

Crowdsourced Post: Ask the same question to a number of key influencers in your niche market and share their answers.  This would work really well when attending a conference because you might have easy access to key influencers that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

List Your Most Popular Posts: Its safe to assume that not all of your readers have read all of your posts. Create one post listing all the most popular posts.

Best of the Web Post: Create a mixed bag of awesome content that you found on the web this week (or month).  Include a recipe, a motivational quote, a well-written post, a new productivity tool or whatever speaks to you and deliver these treasures as one post.

Curate Someone Else’s Work: Write short summaries on someone else’s work to highlight the most important aspects and save your reader’s time.

Create a Manifesto: Publicly declare what you stand for. Create a list or make it visually interesting graphic. Check out Jonathan Field’s Good Life Project Manifesto as a great example.

Tell a Story: Posts don’t always need to be facts, figures and lists.  Sometimes the most impactful posts are a simple story about one experience.  

Opinion on Trend or Event: Write an opinion piece on a current trend or event.  

Write a Poem: That’s right. A poem. See how Danielle Laporte uses poetry as blog posts.

Write a Short Story: Experiment with fiction.

Sing a Song: Love to sing and perform?  Shake things up by singing instead of writing.

A Single Powerful Picture: Words aren’t always necessary.

Show Off Your Art: Are you a hobby painter or artist? Snap a few photos of your talent and share with your followers.

A Day in the Life: Walk people through a typical day in your life. Be real and include the good and the bad.

My Life Before: Did you have a different career and way of living before finding your place in the yoga and wellness space? Tell us what it used to be like.

Funny Post: Share a funny story or situation with your followers.

Simple Holiday Post: No agenda. No purpose. Simply write a short message straight from the heart around the holidays.

Epiphany: Did you have an epiphany? What was that story of internal or external struggle and explain how it landed you where you are now.

React to Something Viral: Something going viral in the internet that you’d like to discuss? Do you love it? Or dislike it and why.

Personal Story: Sharing a personal story (if you’re comfortable) is a fantastic way to have your audience get to know you better.  And it’s the first step in the know, like and trust sequence of doing business.

Behind the Scenes: You might not think you audience cares about what’s in your smoothie or what your work or studio space looks like but they do.  This is a wildly, popular post style and one that is easy to create.  It might be boring to you but it’s gold to your audience.

Routine Post: What’s your routine?  Similar to the behind the scene posts, people love to see how others do things.  Do you have a regimented morning or nightly routine? Or a routine to get your kids to sleep or a special weekend workout routine? It’s inspirational to those that admire and follow you.

Why Do You Do It?: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”‘ Simon Sinek.  Why do you do what you do?  Reach people on an emotional level.

Passion or Anger: Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.  If you’ve got a strong opinion on a relevant topic then tell it like it is.

How Would You Do It?:Is there a story in the media that’s caught your attention because you know you would have handled it differently? Tell us what you would have done and how you think the outcome would be different.

Project Showcase: Does your business have a new project you’re working on?  Give us a sneak peek at what’s coming up so our interest is piqued.

Charity: If your business supports a charity monetarily or by volunteer hours, share this with your audience.  Share exactly how you chose the charity you do and what impact it’s had on the charity.  How did you decide what charity to support?  Sharing this type of information sets you apart from your competition and reveals the heart and soul of who you are as a company.  And who knows, you may inspire another company to get involved with a charity.

What’s New in Your Business: Celebrate new hires, expansions, anniversaries or milestones.  Let people know changes so they can celebrate along with you.

New Product: When you are releasing a new product you need to tell everyone and that starts with a blog post.  Describe what you’ve created, who’s it for, what was your inspiration and when it will be available.  Add lots of pictures or video and get people excited and talking.

Snap a Picture of Now: Post a picture of what you are doing. Sitting in an airport? Playing with your kids? Creating a new video?  Show us.

Gratitude: Tell your followers what you are grateful for and ask them to do the same in the comments.

Your Best Productivity Tool: From meditation to the lastest efficiency app, everyone is curious how everyone else is getting things done.

Epic Success: What’s the one thing you did that you were surprised with the outcome?

Epic Failure: Analyze a recent personal or business failure. This makes you more relatable and will prevent your followers from making the same mistake.

Unique: What is your key differentiator? Why do people practise with you? What makes you unique?

Shout Out to a Mentor: Who do you adore? What would you say to them if you could? Say it. And watch what happens.

What Do I Do Post: Is there something that everyone is talking about? What do I do is a personal account of how you do something.  It’s different than a ‘how-to’ post because it’s all about your personal ways.

Bucket List: Share your dreams and goals and how you plan to make them happen.

Guilty Pleasure: Spill. We’ve all got one (or two). Invite your followers to admit theirs in the comments. 


An Open Letter: Write a letter to whomever you wish and ask for feedback from your audience.

Run a Contest: Create a contest for your followers around your teachings. Simply post the winners and their stories or give them some free access to your Namastream site.

Ask a Question: Ask a question and let your readers respond.  This is a fantastic way to get consumer input and increase engagement.

Create a Challenge: Sugar free detox, 30 days of yoga, 60 day meditation challenge or whatever you can dream up.

React Post: Read a post that you strongly reacted to whether positively or negatively? Speak your mind on your own blog about what someone else has written.

Debate Post: Debate a topic of controversy. Ask your followers weigh in with their thoughts in the comments.

Ask ‘what if’: What if…?  Get them thinking.

Guest Post: Invite colleagues or key influencers to write a blog post for your site. Many will agree to do this to get in front of your audience.  Key influencers that have a soon to be released book or program.

Your Beginnings: How did you end up doing what you are doing? Tell the story of your beginnings and let your audience get to know you.

Invite Your Readers to Write a Guest Post for You: Many people would love the invitation to write for you and gain exposure to your followers. All you need to do is ask.

Dare Your Readers: Dare your readers to do something. Something that they may want to do but experience some fear around. Invite them to tell their stories or photograph the experience.

Create a Quiz: Quizzes are hot and people can’t help themselves.  Create your own here.

Ask Your Followers Want They Want to Learn: Struggling to know what to write? Ask your followers what specifically they want to learn about.


Geek Out on One Topic: Is there something you absolutely love and have been studying in depth?  This is your chance to geek out.

List of Unknown Facts: The internet makes it easy to do a quick search to create a list of unknown facts on a particular topic.

Dates in History: Are there important dates in history that you could educate your followers on? Create and educational timeline.

Teach It: If you a client of Namastream or are considering the platform, then you have something to teach.  Create a 2 or 3 part series of teaching what you know best.  You don’t have to give it all away but give them a taste of your knowledge and your style.

Origin Stories: Know an interesting history story around what you are teaching?  When did that yoga discipline break off from more traditional yoga?  Who introduced that meditation technique to the Western world?  Who started the trend with smoothies?

Creating a New Course: Give your followers the inside scoop on what it takes to create new content.  When do you video?  What tools are you using?  Where’s your inspiration coming from?  Give a behind the scenes look at how the magic happens.

Must-reads: What is the one book that you think everyone should read.

Myth Buster: There are a many things that people think are true but simply are. Clarify it.

Analyze It: Has there been a recent report released in your area? An example is the Yoga Alliance Survey results that they release each year.

Music: What’s your favorite playlist? Link to a beloved Spotify playlist.

Common Mistakes: Do you see beginner yogis making the same mistakes over and over? Write a post to clarify the confusion.

Share Your Blog’s Numbers: Share your numbers with your audience. How many readers or unique visits do you see each day or each month?

Success Post: Share with your readers what success means to you. How do you define it and how has it evolved through the years?

Guest Post: Invite someone to write for your blog. They don’t have to be known in the field --  just interesting and relevant to your readers.

Definition Post: Are there words that are confusing to your readers? Sanskrit? Types of yoga? Yoga lineages? Write an entire post of definitions.

Best Apps: What are the most important apps you use? Do they make you more efficient like shopping list apps or to-do lists? What about meditation apps or motivational apps?

Old Post Update: Did you write about something in the past that actually happened or, maybe, didn’t happen? Update your followers on what’s taken place since you wrote that post.

Step-by-step Post: Break something down step-by-step and share with your readers. Maybe it’s how you build a mala or how you set up your day or what your morning routine is like.

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