21 of the Best Tech Tools for Yoga Teachers

In a Soulful MBA podcast episode, we dove deep into tech tools that work wonders for yoga teachers, laying out the best software we’ve used to build our own wellness businesses. Today, we wanted to expand on that discussion so you can start exploring each of these offerings on your own! Here’s our rundown of our favorite software, apps, hardware, and online tools for yoga teachers, health coaches, and other wellness experts:

The Best Tech Tools for Beginner Yoga Teachers

  1. Asana - This project management tool allows you to create content calendars, build social media schedules, assign tasks to team members, and dozens of other functions that help keep projects on track. It integrates with online calendars, including Google Calendar, but can also be a fantastic complement to a paper planner. It works equally well for teams and solopreneurs. Although Asana has a paid version, the entire Namastream team uses the free version so we think most of you will be able to do the same!

  2. Trello - We use this project management tool for the software development side of Namastream, and it’s another great, free option. If you are used to using Hootsuite, you’ll love Trello’s similar, board-centric layout. Explore both of these task-centric tools and see which one suits your needs.

  3. G Suite - Google’s flagship collection of cloud-based applications supports yoga teachers on everything from email to lesson plans to budgets to file storage. For access to the full functionality of G Suite, you’ll need to pony up $5 per month per team member, but it’s well worth the investment.

  4. Canva - For graphics and social media image editing, you can’t beat Canva. Correct images sizes for Twitter posts, Facebook covers, and loads of other social-centric graphics are pre-loaded and easy to find. There’s a paid version for businesses, but the free software is elegant, easy to use, and surprisingly powerful. Ideal for non-graphic-designers with simple graphic design needs.

  5. Namastream - Yep, we’re throwing ourselves onto this list! And with good reason: Namastream is a tool designed to help you teach, train, or coach online from anywhere to anyone. We offer an online teaching platform, an online membership platform, and a top-notch live-streaming tool. You can create courses and memberships, or build teaching, training, or coaching units designed for individuals or groups through our easy-to-use software. Namastream is a paid service, but we’re basically a one-stop shop that includes everything you need to set up your online classroom or studio. (Tune into the podcast to to hear what sets us apart from tools like Shopify.)

  6. Stripe - If you’re selling absolutely anything online, you’ll need a payment processor. We adore Stripe, which many Namastream teachers use as the intermediary to handle payments when students sign up for classes or purchase products. Stripe will take the money from your students’ accounts and pop it into your account. We’ve been using it for years, and literally never had problems with it. (So, SO much better than PayPal, FWIW.)

  7. iMovie - It comes preloaded on all Macs, and is both phenomenally powerful and fantastically easy to use. No matter how amazing you are on-camera, you will need to edit some of your video content before making it live, and iMovie makes that process intuitive and seamless. (Need help getting started? We’ve got a stellar iMovie course in our Soulful MBA program!) If you’re a PC person who just isn’t ready to switch, we’ve got an entire post on the best video editing tools for both platforms ... but honestly, iMovie will always be our favorite.

  8. Mailchimp - If you have less than 2,000 subscribers or send fewer than 12,000 emails each month, this legacy tool will be perfect your email campaign needs. Mailchimp has all the basics covered, is terrific for anyone who’s new to email marketing, and offers great design elements and support to its user base. Plus the company recently added auto responses to their free plan, which is a huge bonus.

The Best Tech Tools for Intermediate Yoga Teachers

  1. Squarespace - Squarespace is basically foolproof. It’s tough to construct an ugly website using this elegant platform! Especially if you’re not comfortable with the complexities of Wordpress, you can pay $16 per month for access to everything Squarespace has to offer. It’s your best bet for building a simple, beautiful website quickly and easily. If you’re starting from zero, you can use your Namastream site as a very basic web presence … but if you’ve decided to start a blog, step up to Squarespace. (Interested in learning more about the differences between Squarespace and Wordpress? We’ve got a two-part blog post comparing them - part 1, part 2.)

  2. ConvertKit - This suite for email marketing is considerably more powerful than Mailchimp, but lacks a free option. We use ConvertKit ourselves and love its depth of functionality, especially the ability to “tag” subscribers to track their origins and interests. The basic plan is $29 per month, and is ideal for businesses ready to move into more complex email marketing. (This post on picking the right email tool for your needs digs deeper, and explores several other options.)

  3. Slack - If you have an assistant, business partner, or team, this group communication tool is a must. Conversations are streamlined, organized, and made far easier to navigate than long, convoluted email chains.

  4. The Inner Circle - Again, we’re a little biased, but we truly believe this program is a life-changer! Our Soulful MBA component alone includes more than 85 trainings that can transform you from a business newbie to a savvy online entrepreneur.

Bonus Tech Tools We Recommend

We didn’t cover these in the podcast, but here are a handful of other tech tools we can’t resist including in this roundup:

  1. Voice Memos - This iPhone app is ideal for recording audio during classes, but can also be helpful if you tend to think out loud. Make audio notes for yourself anytime, anywhere.

  2. Spotify - Our absolute favorite resource for killer class playlists. Build your own, or search for lists that other users have compiled. (We recommend the paid version to avoid commercials, only $10 per month.)

  3. Yoga Teacher Central - ALL of the teaching resources an instructor with a growing following could ever need—including pre-programmed lesson plans and expert support—all available within an affordable online membership. Namastream is here for you once you’ve got your curriculum and methodology nailed. If you’re not quite there yet, definitely check out Yoga Teacher Central.

  4. All You Can Yoga - A unique and incredibly valuable resource for the modern yogi who is ready to launch and run a yoga school or offer teacher trainings.

  5. SoundCloud - Great for posting free audio meditations or classes, both of which are useful tools for building your following.

  6. PicTapGo and A Color Story - Two superior apps for executing gorgeous iPhone photo edits. If you want to post to Instagram quickly from your phone, these two apps are indispensable.

Hardware Picks

Logitech C920 Webcam - Our favorite affordable camera for live-streaming virtual classes. Versatile, straightforward, and under $65.

Rode Wireless Go - The perfect wireless headset for online teaching. We say this all the time to our teachers: sound quality is more important than video quality. Invest in this when you're ready to go pro with your virtual yoga classes.

We’ve lauded many of these tools as “easy to use” and “simple,” which they absolutely are … but bear in mind that ALL software has a learning curve. It takes time to learn any new system, so don’t expect to log onto Asana for the first time and be an expert! That said, we’ve focused on tools we think have intuitive layouts, great customer support, and all the functionality that up-and-coming yoga teachers need to a build robust online presence.

Hope you found this helpful, and we’d love to hear about other tools you think your wellness colleagues would love!


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