6 Ways Yoga Teachers Can Use Video on Instagram


When Instagram changed its video options to increase the allowed video length from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, it was a major win for wellness entrepreneurs.

Check out these six simple ideas that will take minimal time to prepare and will set your online wellness business apart on Instagram:

1.  Motivate. Can you think of some powerful words to motivate your followers? Perhaps some encouragement or wisdom? You do this all the time in class, why not bring it out on social? Consider offering motivation on a regular basis so your followers come to expect it on the same day every week. Maybe a weekly 60 second Monday Motivation video?

2.  Sing. Video can be much more than just talking! Sing or chant your favorite song and consider taking requests like this yogi!

3.  Read Poetry. Really! We all need more poetry in our lives. Read to us, inspire us, and make our day a little more profound.

4.  Breath. Take your followers through a beautiful and relaxing breathing exercise. Sixty seconds of breath work could completely alter someone’s day.

5.  Move. Film a short, but fun asana sequence and get us up and in our bodies. Make it real. Show us where you practice at home. It doesn’t need to be picture perfect. Crying babies and cats are welcome. A little tripod that can hold your phone is all you need (or even a yoga block or a stack of books).

6.  Show. A video doesn’t always have to be a talking head! Consider switching the view around and showing us your view. Let us peek at where you have your mat set up or what your altar looks like or how you make your morning smoothie. #reallife

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