8 Limiting Beliefs That Prevent You From Teaching Yoga Online

Our minds can play tricky games. We dream and imagine what we want our lives to be like,  the businesses we desire to build, or the reach we want our teachings to have, yet we often create a myriad of excuses that prevent us from taking action.

In order to live out the life you’ve imagined, you’ll need to take consistent action towards actualizing your dreams. Here are the top eight excuses we hear from new clients and how to kick them right to the curb so that you can start taking action TODAY to build the business you’ve been dreaming about:

  1. I know I’ll hate my first video. Yes, you will. Accept that fact and move on. You’ve got a business to build, so you need to look forward not back. Plus, isn’t your first ‘anything’ kind of awful? Remember your first blog post? Instagram video? Facebook post? Selfie? Not your best work, but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

  2. I need good equipment. Undoubtedly, the biggest hangup is equipment. Which camera is best? Do I need a wireless microphone or not? Do I really need a lighting kit? (No, you sure don’t.) If you compare different camera and mic models and stare at the same gear options in Amazon over and over for months and obsess over making the wrong decision, you’ve lost some valuable time. You know what else you will have lost? Revenue. You’ve just lost a few months of revenue and your clients are still unable to access your online content.

    We’ve heard from a number of Namastream teachers that they initially invested in a lot of expensive equipment, but ended up going back to using their iPhone or tablet anyway. One client even uses the Photo Booth app on her Mac to film (and she originally bought a very expensive camcorder). Our advice is to just start with whatever you have and stop using your lack of equipment as an excuse.

  3. It’s not a priority. You can’t say you want to build a business and then take no action. If you truly desire an online business, then make it a priority. Write your sales goals down. Schedule content planning and filming into your schedule. If you don’t get it into your calendar and set some time aside, you’ll never achieve your goals.

  4. I have no accountability. If you are finding yourself dreaming of an online business, but continue to wallow in excuses and procrastination, try telling your students about your plans. Once you’ve announced it publicly and people are expecting something, watch how quickly you solve problems and take action. Having social accountability is a fantastic and powerful motivatorthat's one of the reasons why created our Inner Circle program.

  5. I don’t know how to be on camera. Are you over thinking how you want to appear on your videos? The solution is to simply be yourself. There is no persona or character you need to adopt . Your students adore you for exactly who you are. Be your own unique self. Nothing should change just because the record button has been pressed.

  6. I don’t have enough money. Let’s be realistic. When you create a new business, revenue just doesn’t magically appear that will cover your expenses. We all wish it worked that way but it doesn’t.

    There are few businesses that don’t require a small outlay of cash to get started. Historically, a yoga teacher with some entrepreneurial spirit would need to start a brick-and-mortar studio and that, as we know, requires some serious cash (and a massive line of credit from the local bank). But today, as an independent teacher or studio, getting your teaching online and creating a new income stream is incredibly inexpensive and simple.

    You will need equipment (don’t get stuck here, go back to #2), content ideas for your videos, time and space to film, and of course a digital platform to hold and sell the content like Namastream. That’s it. In the grand scheme of things, this business model requires very little investment.

    And don’t lose site of the big picture. If you can start with that small investment, within a short time, you’ll start to see a return. But the only way to get there is to take the leap. For more on this mindset, check out this blog post.

  7. I don’t know how to edit videos. Of course you don’t! Who does? Are you imagining that the finished video is going to be perfect? No “ums”, stumbles, or falling out of poses? No background noises or cats walking across your mat? Perfection (or close to it) is maybe possible with a couple of re-takes and some post-production editing. But consider embracing the unedited video! Are your live classes perfect? Probably not. So why do your video classes have to be? There is something endearing about a teacher who is comfortable with mistakes and embracing real life. Students will love your authenticity and you will be able to make peace with that perfectionist mindset, once and for all.

  8. I’m afraid of failing. We hate to break it to you, but you will fail. And when you do, it’s something to celebrate! We believe each failure is an opportunity for learning and growth. Seeing failure as a positive is probably the hardest lesson to learn. Failure, on some level (negative comment about a video, no comments on a blog post, no one signing up for your series, etc.), is inevitable and learning to embrace it instead of becoming frustrated (and quitting), is an important mindset to adopt. Be grateful for the misses, because they are what will make you into a stronger and more successful entrepreneur.

So… the moral of the story? Stop obsessing over the perfect scenario, equipment, or script. Just start! Your future students are waiting for your gifts to become available. Head out to your backyard with your phone and a few books to prop that sucker up and just film something. Come on, we dare you.

No more excuses. Let’s build something amazing together.


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