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How to Light Your Yoga Videos on the Cheap

How to Light Your Yoga Videos on the Cheap: If you want to create professional looking videos for your virtual studio, good lighting is mission critical. Lighting is an art form that can seem intimidating when you’re first starting out as an online teacher. (For many of us, chatting happily into an iPhone camera feels worlds different than filming in a studio with a big, bright, professional lighting setup.) But there are some super simple yet effective ways to control and manipulate lighting in your yoga or fitness videos. 

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How to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business

I’m letting you in on a favorite content strategy of mine. It is super easy to take a piece of content and make it new again. Recycling old content is a little known trick that saves you time but still offers value to your community. And if you’re thinking ‘wait, won’t people know I’m reusing content? Isn’t that cheating?’, the reality is that not all of your followers see every one of your posts.

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The Light-Bearers

Michele Crutchfield is a vinyasa yoga instructor, volleyball mom, and Namastream client. Michele likes to teach yoga on the beach. She’s had plenty of opportunities for that over the last several years living in the United Arab Emirates.Actually Michele likes to teach yoga in a lot of places.

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