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How to Use the Facebook Pixel to Grow Your Online Business

There are a lot of Facebook Pixel resources floating around the Internet, but many of them are overly complicated and weirdly vague. (What’s up with that?)

When we recently announced that Namastream teachers could begin installing a Facebook Pixel on their studio sites, we were immediately peppered with eager questions from our community. How should they do this? Is it essential? What are the benefits? How will it help them grow their online businesses? And just what the heck IS a Facebook Pixel anyway?

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How to Know When Your Business is Ready for Facebook Ads

Quick dose of brutal honesty: It takes time, skill, and a healthy dose of trial-and-error to create Facebook ads that deliver the absolute best results for your unique wellness business. In this post, we’ll give you an overview of some important basics and a few strategies to try, basically a very solid jumping-off point. BUT you’ll need to be patient and persistent as you fine-tune your execution. We can’t promise you’ll be a Facebook ads guru after this one read, but we’ll definitely teach you how to build meaningful ads that support your products, programs, or services.

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How to Add Links to Your Instagram Stories (And Why You Should!)

Instagram has maintained its status as a social media mega-force for several years running—quite an accomplishment in this ever-changing digital landscape! And yet, we entrepreneurs, bloggers, and businesses have become frustrated by the platform’s limitations, especially when it comes to linking back to our own websites. Many of us post a single link in our bios, but this workaround can feel clunky and limiting.

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9 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Youtube Channel

YouTube is certainly not the new kid on the social media block, so many entrepreneurs are choosing to focus their energy on Instagram and Snapchat instead. But over the years, this behemoth has proven that it has serious staying power. With 3 billion internal searches every month—more than AOL, Ask, Bing, and Yahoo combined—YouTube is a powerful search engine that connects people to their topics of interest.

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How to Grow Your Email List by Launching an Online Challenge

Remember buffering? That seemingly endless state of early-Internet limbo that occurred when you tried to load a beefy video or animated graphic? With today’s lightning-fast fiber optic connections, buffering has (thankfully) become a thing of the past. But those same lightning-fast connections have shifted expectations: If your video takes too long to load, viewers lose interest and click away.

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7 Techniques to Build Your Email List

We’re sharing seven specific tactics that can help you grow your list. These are ideas that you can use right way and we’ve seen success with these strategies both in our own businesses, as well as with our online teachers. As always, choose which strategies resonate with you and your business, and leave the others alone (at least, for now).

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7 Creative Ways Yoga Teachers can Use Instagram Stories

We are currently in week one of our 40 Day Social Media Challenge. As we prepared to launch this challenge, we asked our community what currently is overwhelming them or confusing about social media. Our Soulfuls kept mentioning “What are Instagram Stories?” and “How should I use this feature as a yoga teacher or small health coaching business?”

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Why You Need a YouTube Channel (+ 9 Simple Tips For Getting Started)

As the second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube is one of the best marketing tools you have at your disposal to funnel new clients into your paid programs and offerings. And because of the relationship between Google and YouTube (Google owns YouTube), you can strategically help your search rankings on Google by giving your YouTube videos the right kinds of titles and keywords.

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Building Authenticity Into Your Social Media Strategy

I recently wrote a ‘Love Letter to My Yoga Teacher’ post on Facebook, which was raw, emotional, and vulnerable. I still can’t read it without tearing up. Strangers commented that they too cried when they read it. But prior to hitting ‘post’ I was filled with a moment of doubt despite desperately wanting to tell this story. I knew it was powerful, poignant, and deeply personal.

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