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How to Light Your Yoga Videos on the Cheap

How to Light Your Yoga Videos on the Cheap: If you want to create professional looking videos for your virtual studio, good lighting is mission critical. Lighting is an art form that can seem intimidating when you’re first starting out as an online teacher. (For many of us, chatting happily into an iPhone camera feels worlds different than filming in a studio with a big, bright, professional lighting setup.) But there are some super simple yet effective ways to control and manipulate lighting in your yoga or fitness videos. 

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How to Use Live-streaming to Grow Your Wellness Business

How to Use Live-streaming to Grow Your Wellness Business: Too many new Namastream teachers get hung up on the idea that they can’t possibly start marketing in earnest until they have hundreds of yoga videos or a handful of in-depth courses. This desire to have thoughtfully crafted offerings—and lots of them—comes from a good place; our teachers don’t want to jump the gun and start charging until they’ve got a solid content base.

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How to Use Royalty Free Music in Your Online Yoga Videos

Music is an integral part of many wellness classes, and can be especially important to online instruction.

The right playlist adds depth and personality to a yoga video, helping set the tone for the class and creating a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere for the student. But music use can be tricky. Especially if you want it to be fully legal (which, of course, you do!)Playing music during a live or recorded class is considered to be a “performance,” which means if you do it without the proper licenses in place, you can get slapped with hefty fines! It’s easy to think that, as a small studio or single teacher, you might be able to fly under the radar.

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21 of the Best Tech Tools for Yoga Teachers

In a recent podcast episode, we dove deep into tech tools that work wonders for yoga teachers, laying out the best software we’ve used to build our own wellness businesses. Today, we wanted to expand on that discussion so you can start exploring each of these offerings on your own! Here’s our rundown of our favorite software, apps, hardware, and online tools for yoga teachers, health coaches, and other wellness experts:

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The Best Cheap or Free Video Editing Tools for Mac + PC

Video editing used to be a tricky and expensive endeavor. Just five years ago, you needed a decent digital camcorder and expensive editing software to create something that looked professional. Rewind thirty years, and you’re talking tape splicing! Thank goodness we’ve come so far so fast; Nowadays, all it takes to create slick, professional-looking video content is a smartphone, laptop, and access to one of the many free editing software suites available.*

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How to Compress Your Yoga Videos (and Why You Need to!)

Remember buffering? That seemingly endless state of early-Internet limbo that occurred when you tried to load a beefy video or animated graphic? With today’s lightning-fast fiber optic connections, buffering has (thankfully) become a thing of the past. But those same lightning-fast connections have shifted expectations: If your video takes too long to load, viewers lose interest and click away.

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7 Techniques to Build Your Email List

We’re sharing seven specific tactics that can help you grow your list. These are ideas that you can use right way and we’ve seen success with these strategies both in our own businesses, as well as with our online teachers. As always, choose which strategies resonate with you and your business, and leave the others alone (at least, for now).

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Our Top 6 Tips for Getting Comfortable on Camera

Over the years, we have watched all of the video content that is uploaded within Namastream, and we have observed how teachers become more comfortable on camera with every new upload. It is obvious the best tip – just like anything else in life – is to practice, practice, practice. In addition to time and basic practice, here are six tips we know will accelerate your confidence on camera.

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