Why Your Money Mindset Matters in Online Business


We sometimes hear prospective clients say ‘I don’t know how to afford the price of Namastream just yet. I’ve got to save up. ’ If you want to start your own online business, we cannot emphasize enough that this is an unhelpful way of looking at things.

What you should be focussing on, instead, is how you can create recurring revenue by teaching online and what strategies will enable you to make MORE than the cost of Namastream. MUCH more.

After many hundreds of hours of conversations with yoga teachers and other wellness entrepreneurs who dream of starting and grown an online business, we’ve noticed one consistent trait in those who succeed on our platform. Our successful clients see abundance rather than scarcity. Changing this one belief can change your life.

The abundant teacher doesn’t focus on the costs, but instead she concentrates on the opportunities to generate the income she desires each month. She listens to her students who request online yoga classes (these will become her first customers) and she notes what, exactly, those students are asking for (this is what she will teach). When students move away, these are not lost clients. Instead, these are the perfect students she can add to her online community.

Our most successful teachers are excited about the opportunity to teach to a larger, more global audience.

They see opportunity rather than roadblocks.

Of course, starting a business (in any industry) means you’ll incur some expenses. Traditional brick-and-mortar yoga studios require owners to pay rent, payroll, insurance, and many other expenses. A virtual studio may not have a physical location or employees, but it still pays ‘rent’ for it’s home on the Internet (but, lucky for us, the rent is just a small fraction of the cost of what it would be offline).

Once you’ve found your mindset of abundance, the next step is to TAKE ACTION.

Figure out:

  1. who you are going to sell to,

  2. what you are going to sell, and

  3. your pricing and marketing strategy.

Then, go out in the online world and share your offering. If you’ve created the classes your students have been asking for, you’ll have your first customers within days.

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