The Light-Bearers


Michele Crutchfield is a vinyasa yoga instructor, volleyball mom, and Namastream client. Michele likes to teach yoga on the beach. She’s had plenty of opportunities for that over the last several years living in the United Arab Emirates.   

Actually Michele likes to teach yoga in a lot of places.

From Washington to Tokyo to England to Abu Dhabi, Michele has taught hundreds of people as she’s travelled with her family. Her husband has recently retired from the US Air Force. And as she’s vinyasa-ed and down-dogged around the globe, Michele has built a following.  

“People like the personality,” says Michele, reflecting on how people choose yoga teachers.

She doesn’t say this, but the thought dawns: Michele has met students who do yoga, love yoga, in part because of Michele. People transform into students because of a teacher. Sometimes we muddle along for a while, sensing something we’d love to do more, or know more about.  But we skirt the edges of it. We can’t quite find a comfortable place to land. We feel untethered. Not just in yoga, but in many realms.

Then a certain teacher shows up. The teacher’s voice…her way of presenting… creates a spark. We feel a pull to stop, just there. In the light and energy around the teacher, our desire to practice…to show up ourselves…ignites. We stop moving sideways and start moving deeper. Our own path begins to takes form. The student – the impassioned life-long learner – is born.   

If we’re lucky, we find a handful of light-bearing teachers in our lives, in whose orbit things click. For many scattered across various continents, one of those teachers is Michele. And now the people who were ignited by Michele can stay with her. From her home studio, Michele is creating online yoga series and custom programs. So her students can continue to forge their unique paths.  And the teacher-student relationship, the spark that started it all, can continue.

Michele Crutchfield is a Registered Yoga Teacher who’s been teaching for over 15 years. She began practicing yoga when her son was a baby in 1998. An ex-track athlete who actually doesn’t like to run, and self-described type-A personality, she found yoga calmed her and built strength and flexibility. Michele currently lives in St. Louis and is buying a lot of new stuff as one of her family’s storage containers fell off the ship during an ocean storm on its way from Abu Dhabi (you can’t make this stuff up).

Michele teaches group, private, and online yoga classes. You can follow her on Instagram here:


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