Why You Should Use Social Media to Promote Your Online Yoga Classes

Self-promotion can feel a bit…off, can’t it? We know yoga is a light-bearing, life-changing practice and combining it with marketing tactics can feel a bit cheap.

But if we know that yoga can change lives, don’t we owe it to the world to reach as many people as possible? And isn’t one of the easiest ways to do that by sharing our stories online?

We certainly think so. If you’re not quite sure that you’re ready to use social media to promote your online yoga classes, here are five reasons why we think you should:

1.  Social media helps you meet your students where they are

Brick and mortar yoga studios might advertise with newspaper or magazine ads, on the radio, or with flyers at local businesses. That makes sense. They’re meeting their students where they are: in their neighborhoods or where they shop.

But if you want people to take your yoga classes online, it’s a bit harder to convince them to bring the newspaper where they found your ad over to their laptop, open their browser, find your site and sign up. For most of people, that’s simply too complicated.

When you connect with new students through social media, you’re making it much, much easier for them. Usually, all you need them to do is nudge their mouse up a few inches and click. In the marketing world that’s called a ‘low barrier to entry.’ We want to make it as easy as possible for people to try your classes and experience yoga.

2.  Social media makes it easy to track what’s working (and what’s not)

When new people join your in-person yoga class, you can’t really be sure how they heard about you. They might have a Groupon, maybe a friend recommended you, maybe they just needed a class and yours was open. Unless you poll each student individually - which is time consuming and might feel a bit invasive - you’ll have no way of knowing.

When you understand the analytics of your social media and website, you can learn exactly where you students are coming from. Did your pin go viral? Did a famous blogger link to your Instagram account? Are your Facebook ads working? When you can understand where your students are coming from, it’s easy to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not. If the word ‘analytics’ makes your head spin, don’t worry! We are here to support you, which is why we created our Inner Circle program.

The Inner Circle gives you access to comprehensive online business training, videography and video editing tutorials, tactical marketing skills, a dynamic and like-minded community of your peers, and an annual studio subscription to the Namastream online learning platform, so you’ll have everything you need to begin to teach and scale your business online.

3.  Social media is much, much faster than traditional marketing

Traditional marketing can be a slow, long, exhausting process. Weeks or months can pass between the moment you have an idea and when your ad appears in that magazine. Social media allows you to promote a new course immediately. You can launch a new class and share it with your Instagram friends 20 minutes later!

4.  Social media allows you to be your authentic self

Newspaper ads and radio spots are not the place to share a gorgeous Rumi poem you read this morning or your latest green juice recipe. On social media, you can share any topic, as frequently as you’d like. You’re not limited to publishing schedules or promotional content.

On any given day, you could share an inspirational quote, a favorite pose, and a cute tank top. You can invite your students into your home, along on your trip, or tell them how you came to your yoga practice. These things simply aren’t possible with traditional marketing!

5.  You’re probably already on social media, so use it to build your business!

76% of American women use Facebook; 33% use Pinterest, and 17% use Instagram; we’re guessing you’re probably already on one of these platforms a few times a day.

If you’re already on there, why not use that time wisely? If you’re checking your Facebook messages, it’s easy to pop over to your professional page or Facebook group and respond to comments. If you’re already pinning gift ideas, it’s easy to pin a few pretty yoga sequences to your most popular board. If you’re overwhelmed by social media, we’ve got 40 days worth of strategy and content ideas for you right here.

Social media doesn’t have to be smarmy, time-consuming, or overwhelming. When you use it with intention and authenticity, it can be a tool that helps you spread your message + mission!


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