Why You Need to Think Seriously About Teaching Online

We get it: Yoga involves some intimate work and may seem like an odd fit for the seemingly sterile world of online teaching. Wellness coaching can be incredibly personal, and translating it into a webinar may feel like a stretch. Many aspects of learning within the health and wellness realm may not seem to lend themselves naturally to online classroom spaces.

But we still believe that teaching online is an important, underutilized, and incredibly beneficial platform for wellness practitioners. And there are ways to work around the roadblocks, ease the awkwardness, and change lives for the better through laptop and iPhone screens worldwide.

Here are five great reasons why you—yes, YOU!—should be spreading your knowledge through online classes.

Online learning is a booming business

You may have noticed that webinars and online classes are popping up everywhere and across all sectors, and there’s a good reason for that. Namely that higher education is getting more and more expensive, and financial aid resources aren’t keeping pace. People want to learn and want access to the knowledge they require to advance themselves, but much of that knowledge is hidden behind a behemoth of a paywall.

Solopreneurs, marketing geniuses, and wellness experts may not be able to offer their students bachelor’s degrees, but you can offer valuable, applicable, real-world knowledge. And people are increasingly willing to put in the effort needed to learn on their own with the aid of videos and guided exercises. There’s a huge demand for classes that students can absorb at their own pace, and can afford to take without shouldering a crushing debt-load.

Webinars and online classes can earn big bucks

The online learning market is booming, and that means that YOUR unique and meticulously crafted wellness classes can become quite lucrative. Since your potential student body is basically anyone with a laptop and WiFi, your seminar or class can reach people all across the globe. And, of course, a bigger pool of potential students means bigger earning potential.

Naturally, you need to be strategic about what you teach and how you showcase your skills. Yoga basics can be scored for free on thousands of YouTube channels, and some teachers even give away multi-class packages at no cost to the student. Before you spend your time and energy building a class, make sure what you’re offering is unique … or puts your unique twist on a popular topic.

If you can hit all the right notes and market wisely, your online wellness course has the potential to rake in thousands of dollars per month. A pretty decent side-hustle, right?

Big initial investment, limited upkeep

You might be thinking, “That all sounds great ... but won’t I have to spend months building the content, editing it, and polishing my online class before it’s ready to sell?”

Short answer: Yes. If you want to be successful at online teaching, you can’t half-ass it. A sizable investment of your time, energy, and money will be necessary at the outset to make your class look professional while covering sufficient topical ground. (Need help getting started? Check out this post: How to Teach Online: The Toolkit You Need to Launch Your Offering.)

But once that’s done and the class is packaged and ready to sell, the amount of necessary work drops dramatically. You’ll need to tweak the content as you receive feedback, respond to questions from students, do some near-constant low-level marketing, and schedule the occasional big promotional push. But you won’t be spending every hour of every day tending to the needs of the class and its students.

A class that takes two months to build may only require five hours per week to keep going. And if that class brings in $2,000 or $3,000 every month, those will be five hours well-spent!

The “Gig Economy” creates flexibility

Want to know why so many wellness practitioners flock to Namastream? Because they’re exhausted. Running a studio or coaching business is a full-time-plus endeavor that can be incredibly draining. Teaching, marketing, meeting with clients, networking, keeping your space in order, scheduling classes, ironing out employee issues … it all gets pretty overwhelming.

But online classes are far less taxing. Whether you’re teaching yoga or kettlebells, Reiki or Ayurveda, you’ll have limited interaction with students and a pre-programmed curriculum. More and more entrepreneurs are enticed by the booming “gig economy,” which gives them the chance to build flexible schedules and be choosy about the work they do. Wellness experts who build profitable online classes can make those classes one of their primary gigs. This allows them to cut back on the clients, tasks, and classes that drain them and focus on work that energizes them.

You should be global

The work you do is important and life-changing. You help people heal, you teach them to live healthier lives, you build their courage, strength, and confidence. Why should your expertise only be accessible to the people who live in your hometown? Why should you only share your know-how with folks who can drive to your studio? And why shouldn’t you have an affordable, self-directed offering for clients who can’t afford ongoing, one-on-one sessions? You deserve a wider audience, and packaging your unique gifts into an online class will connect you to students, clients, and fans all over the world.

Still hesitant? We’re here to help! The entire Namastream community is proof that online wellness classes are making a big impact in the marketplace, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. We know you’ve got the potential to change lives with your knowledge, compassion, and expertise. Let us know how we can help make that initial step into online teaching less daunting!


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