How to Write a Powerful “About” Page for Your Wellness Business

We all know that a compelling “about” page or captivating bio can be an incredibly persuasive tool, right? Who among us hasn’t poked around on an expert’s website, been utterly charmed by what we read, and instantly felt connected to the person or brand? When personality and philosophy seep through the screen to envelop the reader, valuable trust is forged.

Creating that instant connection is especially key for yoga instructors and other wellness providers, since our services are personal, even intimate; potential clients need to feel like they know and trust us before they’ll feel confident signing on to learn with us.

Yet creating our very own charismatic-yet-informational “about me” pages can feel like a herculean task. How do we balance achievement-touting and humility? What should we include or omit? How does SEO figure in? How can we sell our wellness services without sounding smarmy?

There’s no foolproof formula for crafting a stellar “about” page, but there are some very simple and utterly vital elements that every single one of them should include. This week, we’ll outline the mandatory basics, look at a few mistakes to avoid, and chat about how to ensure your “meet me” copy is magnetic and compelling.

What to include on your wellness business “about me” page

1.  Your name. Front and center: So simple, right? But even if your URL or logo include your full name, repeating it at the beginning of your “about” page is crucial. It creates a feeling of introduction for readers who know literally nothing about you. You’re saying, “Well, hello there! I’m So-and-so, and I’m thrilled that you’ve found me!” It reinforces that the visitor is dealing with a real, live human being. And it directly associates your name with your brand and services.

2.  Headshot: Again, as a teacher who works with folks to improve their overall health and fitness, you are one half of a somewhat intimate relationship. And the person who comprises the other half will definitely want to know what you look like. It’s natural human curiosity! Get a professional headshot done, or pick a stellar studio image that shows you teaching. Just make sure your “about” page includes a photo of your smiling face.

3.  A discussion of your values and motivations: Your “about” page should position you as a wellness expert, which means that exploring the experiences that formed you and reasons that motivate you is essential. Tell potential clients and customers why you’re passionate about your subject, describe the studies that moulded your expertise, establish your ethos. Give them access to the “big why” that drives you. Doing so gives them another potential point of connection, another reason to feel like they know and trust you.

4.  Information about who is a good fit for your service: Those first three items are very you-focused, but your “about” page is really about the potential client. Yes, you need to tell them who you are and why you’re amazing at what you do, but then you need to flip the script to focus on them. Talk about the people you serve and why you’re passionate about helping them. Talk about the problems you solve, and how you’re uniquely equipped to help solve them. Talk about why your offerings are unique and describe the people they’ll suit. And explain why right now is the best possible time to book your services.

5.  A bit about who is NOT a good fit for your service: This can be a single phrase or sentence, but including it can save you a world of woe. If you aren’t ideal for total yoga newbies or focus your services on women only, make that clear.

6.  Expectation-setting: What is it like to work with you? What can a new client expect to see, hear, experience, and learn when they sign up for your classes or services? Are there topics or ideas that many in your field include, but that you avoid? You don’t have to get too granular here, but talking about your teaching or working style helps potential clients get a clear picture of how they’ll feel should they choose to work with you.

7.  Contact or “learn more” details and links: Wrap up your page with a crystal-clear call-to-action. A contact form or email link is a great start, but also consider nudging visitors gently toward your services page. Now that they know who you are and what you’re about, point them toward the deep details about what you can offer them. (And how much it’ll cost!)

What to avoid

1.  Endless text: You’ve got a lot to cover, but need to avoid getting rambly. Be expressive, but also try to keep the copy clear and concise. Overly long “about me” pages are a huge turn-off for many readers.

2.  Talking too much about yourself: Again, you want to launch with a friendly introduction to you as a practitioner, but quickly shift focus to the client’s desires and needs. As much as you can, talk about how you can serve them.

3.  Relying on a video: To be clear, a video is a fantastic way to establish rapport with your potential customers, and a great tool for showcasing your personality. This is especially helpful to wellness practitioners who sell online classes and services in which clients may never meet them in person. BUT….even the most engaging video introduction cannot substitute for great bio copy. First off, some site visitors may loathe video and refuse to watch. Second, a page that’s brimming with relevant written keywords will do a world of good for your SEO. By all means include a video, but don’t let it be the only thing on your about page!

SEO and brand words

Speaking of SEO, you certainly want to pack your “about” page with keywords that will connect you to perfect-fit clients through tailored search results. But also come up with three to five brand words to hammer home. If your teaching style is “gentle,” if your classes are “intense,” if your personality is “buoyant,” talk about those things. Having a handful of evocative adjectives in the mix will make your bio memorable and resonant.

Don’t be afraid to get help

The shining stars of the wellness world have crafted “about” pages that make them appear poised and proud without seeming pompous. The rest of us may feel like our bios have all the right facts, but lack flow or spark … or both. If you’ve followed the tips listed above and still feel like your about page is falling flat, consider working with a copy writer. There’s no doubt that creating a tight bio that’s both informational and engaging is tough to pull off. Your “about me” page needs to sing. If you can’t coax the right notes out yourself, hire a pro.

Every single one of you has something wholly unique to offer your clients. Ensuring your “about me” page makes your uniqueness apparent and appealing might not be easy, but it’s a task well worth undertaking!

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