Teacher Spotlight: Gear Round-Up

If you’re thinking of teaching or coaching online and wonder what it would be like, you’re going to love our Teacher Spotlight Series. We’ve reached out to some of our current Namastream teachers and asked them a few questions about their experience teaching online. We’re diving into their lives (and their gear bags) to find out what it took to get up and running with an online teaching business.

Our first teacher spotlight begins with the basics: equipment and filming. We know there are many ways to film, so we thought we’d get you some practical insight from our teachers who are filming every week for their virtual studios.

We asked four Namastream teachers (with varying levels of technical skill and experience), What equipment do you use?” and “How often and where do you typically film?”


The camera I chose is the Canon Vixia HFR500, as recommended by Namastream. I don’t do any editing and I don’t have a mic besides the one built into the camera. When I film outside, I’ve used both my iPhone and Canon Vixia and tripod.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, I’ve filmed in my home, but I’ve filmed a few videos outside when it wasn’t windy and also once in a hotel room. I’ve built a library of over 40 videos, so I’m filming a lot less right now. I was aiming for once a week to upload new content for members when I first started.

Website: www.body-and-soul-fitness.com
Namastream site:
Online offering:
Monthly memberships for yoga classes, multi-month prepaid memberships, core classes, chair yoga classes.


My camera is the Sony HDR-CS405 and I use the Snowball mic for recording voice overs. The editing software I use is Filmora.

I film roughly 3-5 days each month. I used to film at our studio but since we closed the location, I film in my loft. It works out great. When our weather in Arizona gets cooler, I will also film outside.

Website: www.worshipfit.org
Namastream site: app.oldnamastream.com/worshipfittv
Online offering: Christ Centered Yoga & Fitness monthly membership that offer yoga, fitness, Bible study, and video devotionals.


I use a Canon Rebel T5I Camera, a lapel mic, my second iPhone to record the audio and a tripod. I use iMovie for editing.

I try to film 2-4 classes in a week, usually on the same day. I will just block off 2-4 hours in my schedule and bust it out! I film my videos in my yoga studio, at my home, outside at parks and anywhere else that I can get permission to film.  I absolutely try to film if I am travelling. I most recently filmed a class in an outdoor yoga shala in Bali.

Website: www.yogaforyouonline.com
Namastream site: app.oldnamastream.com/yogaforyouonline
Online offering:  Monthly memberships to my online yoga, pilates and fitness studio. I offer auto-renew monthly memberships, single months and a free trial. From time to time, I also offer a special package such as 2 months for the price of one.


My equipment includes a DSLR Canon Rebel Ti5, Voice Recorder app on iPhone and Apple headphones for audio, plus iMovie for editing. I film around my town in Italy or wherever I am visiting, but almost always outside. I film at least twice a month, to fully produce a video once a month.

Website: www.yogasoule.com
Namastream site: app.oldnamastream.com/yogasoule
Online offering:  A how-to course for creating yoga videos and small bundles of full-length, 60 minute yoga classes.

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