Gearing Up for 2016

The internet is awash with articles about the end of the year. Reflections. Rebirth. There SO MUCH helpful advice for how to process the past twelve months — both personally and professionally. Here are a few posts that stood out to our team over the past week or so.

For some practical advice on how to evaluate and summarize your own 2015, we loved Leo Babauta’s year end reflection process. Have you ever thought to review your Amazon order history and airline receipts? Such a brilliant way to take a quick inventory of your year.

For some honest big picture thinking on the impeding year, check out Seth Godin’s 2016 predictions here. Our favorite part? “Nothing will be as perfect as we imagined it. Many things will be better than that, though.” So true, right?

For our fellow entrepreneurial types, we loved these five rules to live by… It’s hard to argue with this one, “Quit seeking validation and embrace your crazy.” Yup. If you don’t strongly believe in your own vision, it’s pretty hard to find anyone else to join your party.

And for our fellow Type A’s (and Evernote fanatics), check out this great refresher on how to create and track your goals for the coming year. Remember, breaking goals into bite-sized pieces and then tracking your progress is key.

Finally, and perhaps our founder’s favorite article of the whole year, we encourage your to read (or re-read) Maria Popova’s “9 Learnings from 9 Years of Brain Pickings” article. We love #8, “Seek out what magnifies your spirit.” Well said.

Warmest wishes to each of you for a joyful new year.

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