A Letter to My 10-Year-Old Self

Last Tuesday was International Girls’ Day. To celebrate we asked those participating in our 40 day Social Media Challenge to write a letter to their 10-year-old self. The task was all about being vulnerable and showing our communities a glimpse into our inner lives.

Below are just three excerpts from letters written from our Soulfuls (plus the one I shared). Each one is a little different, but all have a consistent kind and gentle tone to them. It’s seems perfectly logical to treat that sweet little child inside gently, but remember you can also show that same kindness and gentleness to yourself in the present day too.

You can read more of these lovely letters here at #40daysofsocial.

Hello Sweet Girl,

It’s me. I’m you. You’re me. How strange this is.

Will you listen for a moment? I have a few words I’d love to share with you.
You are always supported by friends, family and the Universe. Never doubt that.
Your voice matters. Never stop speaking your opinion and expressing your wants and needs.
You do not need to please everyone. Some people may not like you and that is perfectly OK.
Your inner guide is always has the answers so take time to quiet down and listen to her.
You have way more creativity and talent than you give yourself credit for.
You do not need to constantly apologize. Just stop.
You do not need to find a way to always appear perfect. Embrace your flaws and mistakes.

Above all, know that you matter. You matter a great deal.


P.S. You’ll want to go through a stint of spelling your name with an ‘i’.  Skip it and keep the ‘y’.


What I would tell myself when I was young, and I actually continue to remind myself every now and then is as follows:

Remember that it is all right to do things that makes you feel good and even great. You are good enough and lovable just the way you are. People around you have endless needs and wishes, and you will never be able to help everyone with every single thing they seem to require. If you take good care of yourself and your beautiful energy, you will experience the happiness and freedom that you are longing for.

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Thank you for all the struggles you’ve been through in the past. Without you, I’ll not become the person I am today. I adore you, and I Love you very much. Everyday, I learned to remember the steps you had taken to help me stay on course upon my life purpose. You taught me to be kind and loving to myself and others. You trained me to being my own happiness and trust that I can heal my own life. You held my hand when I fell down and told me that nothing is ever perfect. I must learn to accept and loving my imperfection that’s part of the nature of who I am. I’m the most luckiest person in the world because I get to walk this journey with you. I’ll always remember the nugget of wisdom you gave me: Live Fully, Love Completely and Being my truth. ”

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My dear sensitive child, the path you gave chosen will all make more sense some time in your forties! You will go through some deep soul searching. You have huge powerful guidance and protection on your destiny path. Listen deeply and don’t be afraid to be, feel and act. Your heart knows the truth. Know your heart. Love and honor your truth. Sing from your heart and honor your unique voice. Look deeply into your own eyes. Be passionate. Be courageous. Be heard. Be love. No fear. Sat Nam little Felicia Ruth. You and me are one. I love you.

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