Living Twice. Living Creatively.

“Writers live twice,” says author Natalie Goldberg.

A writer has an experience. She walks down the lane past the flowering magnolia tree. Sadness and frustration roll over in her chest as she consoles the crying child.  Later, at her desk, she summons the experience back. With a quietening of mind and movement of hand, a first draft spills out on the page. The writer walks a delicate line between presence and hindsight, mindfulness and reflection. It’s a subtle paradox — stay present, now go back and capture. Present, back, capture.   

In the process of capture, though, something new is born. The reflected moment is different than the actual. Sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically. Sometimes we change the color of the flower, the time of day, or the exact words exchanged. Sometimes essays become fables. But always, in some way, the process of capture takes on edges and prerogative of the reflector. It tells a story of the heart.

This is the essence of creativity.

And in a similar way, a Namastream client lives twice. And lives creatively.

The yoga instructor moves through a sequence on the red mat caught in a sunbeam shooting through her studio. Or his living room. Or stands – eyes closed – on the dune of a hot, windy beach. Or the wet morning grass of a city park. A wellness coach delivers an impassioned monologue from a cluttered home office.

And they film it.   

Then they return to it.

They return to that experience, already lived. They re-examine it. They unpack it. They re-tell it.

Perhaps they shorten it down. Or layer in music. Or words. Perhaps they choose replay it exactly as it unfolded. They keep in the gasps of laughter, the stumbles, the walk to and from the camera and the long, reaching arm.  But in some way, they re-story an experience for their students.

And it doing so, they perform a daring and brave act of creative expression. The result is something no-one else could have made. A unique story is sent out to the world. They’ve created a work of art.

You are a yoga teacher, a wellness practitioner. You are a Namastream client. By the way, you are also an artist. We won’t tell anyone.

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