Making it Yoga.

Susana Wolds, the Urban Yogi and Namastream client, has just come from a spin class. She looks freshly showered and is buzzing with energy. She looks awake. Like really, deeply awake.

Susana mentions that – between her numerous private yoga classes, on-line studio and reiki practice – she also likes barre class. Wait a minute, a professional yoga instructor and reiki healer who spins and does barre? Some vague preconception of what it means to be a yogi shifts.

And Susana likes to work hard in spin class. Lately, Susana described, she’s wanted to get strong and ripped. But that mindset – of pursuing an athletic challenge in order to achieve a physical result on the body – isn’t working.

“It diminishes my spirit,” explains Susana. “It isn’t enough to motivate me.

A beautiful example of how the mainstream fitness narrative which focuses on aesthetic or physical outcomes eventually fails us.
“I had to make it yoga,” Susana says of the spin class.

To “make it yoga”, Susana explains, she focuses on the mind and breath in conjunction with the physical body.

“I yoke my mind and breath to the experience. It becomes more effortless and more powerful to have my whole system involved”
Let that beautiful irony sit for a minute.

By dropping the explicit pursuit of power – and shifting focus to a deeper sense of integration – something more powerful emerges. The shimmering trifecta of mind, breath and body – tethered gently together as if by an oxen’s yoke – clears completely different path. It unlocks a different room. And a more expansive power quietly slips in the back door.

Whether on a bike, a yoga mat, a business venture, or anywhere…Susana’s words are a reminder. Do the work but release the grasp. Be in yogue. This is where the magic happens. It’s like blowing gently on a bed of hot embers. Eventually they will burst into flames.

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Susana Wolds is a yoga instructor, reiki healer and entrepreneur. She lives in San Diego. She used to have a bricks and mortar yoga studio, but now she doesn’t. She instructs on a freelance basis and on-line. She loves to film outdoors. Susana is part of a movement of yoga instructors creating more expansive business models. She leaves open space in her weekly schedule so the things she needs have room to show up. Susana is bringing her yoga teachings and her voice to as many people as possible, the world over. Read her beautiful reflections on yoga and spiritual life, and join her in on-line practice, at Urban Yogi.

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