Teacher Spotlight: My First Three Months Teaching Yoga Online

We built Namastream because we believe in deeply personal work. In fact, it’s kind of what we’re all about. Juicy, deep, brave, conscious work. We want you to teach on your own terms. Build a business and a life you deserve. Make a living changing lives. 

If you’re thinking of teaching or coaching online and wonder what it would be like, we are going giving you a glimpse of what teaching online entails. In this second Teacher Spotlight Series, we’ve reached out to one of our newest Namastream teachers, Eliana of Hippies and Granola and asked her about her first three months teaching yoga and meditation online.

What made you decide to teach online?

I was having difficulty getting yoga studios to hire me because I don’t have a 5 years of experience and I also look very young. I always wanted to start filming but never had the education on how to actually do it. I found myself always listening to my students saying they couldn’t make it to class because of this or that so I wanted to make it easier on them to keep their practice going and reduce excuses! So I put my money where my mouth was and began seriously building my site and getting things up on YouTube before I was finally ready to launch my online studio.

What is your big vision for teaching online?

I really hope to inspire people to live empowered and healthy lives to the best of my ability by inspiring them to care about their wellbeing and the wellbeing of others and the planet. Videos and audio help me get all my ideas, research and experience to people who might not know where else to look. My vision is to reach 1,000 views per day in the next 12 months with $3500 in revenue per month.

What are your offerings on Namastream?

Right now I offer meditation and yoga instruction. My plan is to relaunch my studio offerings with the new updated Namastream abilities and offer private lessons, live-stream group lessons, live, specialty  yoga and meditation series, philosophy and positivity audio series, and much more.  

What was your first couple of months like on Namastream?

I’m starting my third month and am really enjoying seeing students register and give me feedback later. Financially it has been interesting as I sort through how I can being making the profit, although I have had students show high interest in purchasing it’s just a matter of getting them to press the button! I have really enjoyed the process though and I plan on making much more content that will bring students through the virtual door.

What have you learned about yourself since going online?

That I need to get over myself! You don’t really realize  how many insecurities linger until you start to film and edit videos! But I have really pushed past all that and learned that it’s not about me. It’s about the person who receives the message.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Teaching online is work. It’s a lot of planning and execution and if you find you are not comfortable with yourself as a teacher then it just won’t work. If you have a gift and a message and and you want to share it, take the first step, it will all fall in place as it should!

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Eliana Chinea is a dedicated Yoga practitioner and Teacher. She has a passion for health and fitness, sustainable practices, animal and social rights activism, and all things Hippie! Eliana came from a lifestyle of drinking and partying in her teens and early 20’s and battled depression and anxiety. She found Yoga and Meditation and decided to transform her life in her mid 20’s. She has been sober since 2012 and has been teaching Yoga ever since. She strives to spread a message of healing and empowerment as well as healthy eating and living. She currently resides in Berkeley, CA with her 3 dogs and partner of 5 years in a tiny house. Connect and her on YouTube, Facebook, or her Instagram channels @elianayogini and @hippiesandgranola

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