Namastream allows you to teach online to anyone from anywhere.


If you are an independent teacher, coach, or trainer, the Teacher Plan is your perfect choice. You can add one instructor (since that’s all you’ll need) and it includes 2,000 live-streaming user minutes each month.



Monthly Plan


If you are a studio, gym, or clinic and want to offer multiple instructors on your Namastream site, the Studio Plan is designed for you. You can add up to 15 instructors in your site and you get 5,000 live-streaming user minutes each month.


  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Students
  • Site Customization
  • Built-in Video Analytics
  • Comprehensive Sales Dashboard
  • Sell Personalized Programs
  • Live-streaming (Teacher Plan: 2,000 minutes and Studio Plan: 5,000 minutes)
  • Up to 15 Teachers (Studio Plan only)
  • Drip (schedule) Course Lessons
  • Create Memberships
  • Create Bundled Products
  • Schedule Local (in-person) events
  • Choose Your Own Student Pricing
  • Create Coupons for Your Students
  • Namastream Film School
  • Upload and Store HD Video, Audio, and Document Files
  • Integrate with Mailchimp
  • Integrate with Stripe or PayPal
  • No Revenue Share
  • Built-in Shopping Cart
  • Auto-Pay. You may cancel at any time.

Check out the features in detail here:


How do I link Namastream with my website?

If you already have a website, you can simply create a button on your website and add a hyperlink from that button to your Namastream login page (or you could put the link in your menu or header). Once your students arrive at your login page, they can peruse your products, watch your welcome video, and create a free account (which will allow them to access any of your free content and/or purchase your available classes and training packages). If you’re technically savvy, you can choose to map your Namastream site to a custom domain that you’ve purchased outside of Namastream.

Can I create a membership?

Yes! You can create daily, monthly, weekly, or annual memberships inside of Namastream. Your students can sign up for the membership and we’ll make sure your students are automatically billed accordingly.

Can I bundle my content and sell it?

Yes! You can bundle or package your content in any way you’d like! Combine your video, audio, and document files, plus any live-streaming sessions in any way you can imagine. You could create a beginner yoga product with ten instructional videos and two audio meditations. Or you could package three healthy cooking videos with three private live-streaming sessions or do a twenty audio file package. Anything is possible!

How do I get paid?

You choose your own pricing structure and your students will purchase your products inside of your site, where they will be able to securely enter their credit card information. You will choose to integrate with either a PayPal Business or a Stripe account, and the money will be deposited through your chosen payment processor into your bank account. We do not share in your revenue (at all) and there is no delay in receiving your funds. (Stripe and PayPal do both charge a processing fee of approximately 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.)

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

Absolutely. You can upgrade from monthly to annual or teacher to studio inside Namastream at any time.

How does live-streaming work?

You can live-stream private client sessions, broadcast your classes, or host collaborative group sessions with our new live-streaming feature.

How will the participants appear on screen?
If there are two people live-streaming, the screen will be divided into two (side by side). If there are four people live-streaming, the screen will be divided into four, etc.

  • 1-on-1 Private Sessions. This is just like it sounds: you and one client having a private lesson. Half the screen will be you and the other half will be your client.
  • Collaborative Group Sessions. You can create a live-stream for a group of students, where they can see and talk to each other. This works well for yoga teacher training, continuing education, or other group work where you want your participants to interact with one another. The maximum number of people for this feature is 25 (including you).
  • Broadcasts. You can also create a ‘broadcast.’ In this scenario, you can teach to an unlimited number of students. They can all see you (of course!) but you cannot see them and they cannot see each other. This is much like Facebook Live (or even television).

For all of the above situations, you have the choice to record the session, and if you do, the recording will appear in your students’ sites (but only the student(s) that registered for that particular session). Your live-streams can become additional videos in your site with the click of a button.

What is a live-streaming minute?

Live-streaming minutes are the number of minutes of live-streaming, multiplied by the number of users. It’s extremely important to understand that your minutes are not simply the number of total minutes that you are live-streaming.

For example, if you are doing a private session with a client, there are two users live-streaming (you and your client). If your session is 30 minutes, that would use 60 live-streaming minutes (2 users x 30 minutes = 60 live-streaming minutes).

Another example is if you are teaching a class to 10 students (that makes 11 users, with 10 students and 1 teacher) for 60 minutes you would use 660 live-streaming minutes (11 users X 60 minutes = 660 live-streaming minutes).

Can I use Namastream as my main website?

Yes! Namastream has a customizable homepage that can function as your basic website. You can upload your logo and a cover photo, select your brand color, add your “About” section, add a welcome video, and pull in a mosiac of your live Instagram feed. If you need just a basic website (with no blogging function), this is all you need!

Can I drip content to my students?

Yes, you can create a course with multiple lessons and a drip schedule for your students

First, you set the start and end date of the entire course and the you decide if each lesson appears after a certain time period or only after the student completes the previous lesson.

You can also add multiple media files (video, audio, pdf) and live-streaming sessions within each lesson.

Do I still own my videos after I upload them to Namastream?

Yes, whatever content (video, audio, PDF files) you upload to Namastream, is yours. Just make sure you keep your own copies of your files.

Namastream allows you to teach online to anyone from anywhere.

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