“I love the support I have gotten from Namastream! I have not launched my virtual studio yet but will soon. I am still figuring out all the details, the Namastream team is incredible and is helping me feel like I can do this!” Cathleen Reid

Instructor, Cat Fit Yoga

“I had been looking for a way to “work” online in my areas of expertise for at least 5 years. I did not find anything that came close to fitting my needs, both in the platform and financial areas, until I found Namastream. The Namstream team is incredible. I have confidence my vision will happen and I have hope for my retirement future. I am excited to be a part of this growing company.” Susan Reddig


I’m taking my biz online because I draw people in from all over (some drive up to and hour to take class here!). AND its really tough to get new moms back into the studio once they have their babies, especially if they are working outside the home. I’m trying to make it easy for them to get to class! I’m also going online to help with balance with my family life and owning a studio- teaching nights and weekends (family time) is starting to wear on me. “ Nichole Churchill

Instructor, Radiant Heart Yoga

Creating my online business dream was answered the moment I found Namastream! It helped me move forward easily, with confidence at a price I could actually afford! I honestly thought that running an online studio wouldn’t be possible for many, many years. The platform is fantastic by itself, but the team behind the amazing Namastream has been an extraordinary bonus. Their support, knowledge and caring for you and your success is remarkable. They always answer any questions that arise promptly and as my needs grow, they are always working on upgrading the service to fulfill these needs (and already way ahead of what I’m asking for!) I am incredibly grateful, as they have given me the tools, and confidence to make my dreams a reality!Jen Wende

Instructor, Jen Wende

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