Top 3 iMovie Editing Tips for Yogis

You’ve done the hardest work. You’ve setup your virtual yoga studio page, created a great class, recorded the audio, set-up the equipment, filmed the class, downloaded it onto your computer and… now what? Sit in front of a screen for hours messing around iMovie, trying to make your video look and sound as professional as possible, to finally hurry up and get it live already? The post-production process can often feel like a burden, an obnoxious but obligatory task of teaching yoga online. Even for those who have mastered a simple drag and drop style of video editing, it can feel boring to produce the same straight-forward video week after week.

iMovie has all of the solutions you need to create videos like those you see your favorite teachers selling. It’s a super intuitive tool that, when leveraged correctly, can take your videos from bland to bam and make video editing fun (no really!). In turn, your videos will better engage students, create a stronger brand, and ultimately grow your business.

Ready to learn the top 3 tips for rocking it in iMovie?

Go easy on the transitions.

If you look at most professional-grade yoga videos, you can perceive a sense of easy flow, moving from one segment to another without break or separation, much like what you would experience in a live class. That’s because the editing is done so seamlessly, it’s practically unnoticeable. By adding fancy transitions like “Spin In,” “Circle Close,” or “Ripple,” you disrupt this sense of flow. The most common transition in professional fitness videos is “Cross Dissolve,” best used between sequencing or in between the intro and close. It also can smooth over chopped clips where you removed falling out of Half Moon (guilty as charged!). Lots of zigging and zagging between video clips reads more like a cheesy family vacation montage than a high-quality yoga video.

Magic Wand your visuals.

Is your video picture too dark? Does it need some color pop? Are some clips too blue from the lighting? Never fear, Magic Wand is here! Select all of the video clips in your movie and click the Magic Wand button in the upper middle of the iMovie screen (it looks like a thin, tilted rectangle with bursts coming out the top). This will automatically adjust your video picture quality for proper brightness/contrast, saturation, and color balance. It’s a super great time saving trick that always corrects to the best possible image settings.

Master the Ken Burns crop.

There is a great unknown video editing function hidden under the “crop” symbol in the upper right hand of iMovie called Ken Burns. Make Kenny your friend. Have an interesting pose you want to highlight? Separate the clip with the pose, hit the Ken Burns crop, and move the “start” square to the left and the “end” square to the right to create a horizontal pan. This acts to showcase the alignment in more detail. Striking a handstand? Crop the squares in close, and pan from toes to fingertips. Utilizing Ken Burns helps students see proper positioning up-close from head to toe, and creates an engaging change in perspective.

Now go start playing around! To learn more and see these tips played out first-hand, grab a spot in the upcoming webinar on April 7th.

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Kaitlin King is the founder of Yoga Soule, a yoga retreat and education company based in the Italian Riviera. She is a yoga teacher, designer, and business lady with a penchant for pizza and skinny dipping. See Ken Burns on display in her own yoga videos, and hang out with her in Italy virtually on Instagram.

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