Looking for a way to teach yoga on your own terms?

You’ve got this hunger. You really want to bring your teaching online. You’re seeking freedom. Freedom to teach and work from anywhere. Freedom to reach students and clients on all corners of the planet. Online, you are able to stay connected with your students in new ways. On your own terms. But figuring out how to actually create an online business feels really scary.

What you need is someone who understands what you want to create and who will work alongside you and help to build your brand and voice online. You need someone who has experience with online marketing and social media, yet can speak the language of yoga + wellness. 

 What opportunities would that bring to your life?
Freedom is within reach.

Wouldn't it be fabulous if you were:

…spending each day working in your unique zone of genius.

…unconfined by geography.

…not limited by the size of your local community.

…rocking social media and sharing yourself authentically with the world.

…able to generate passive income and earn money while you sleep.

Are you tired of:

…rushing to get to class on time?

…being tied to the whims of the studio owner?

…not taking vacation, because you lose money when you miss a class?

…sitting in traffic and paying for parking all over town?

…being told what and how to teach?

…feeling confused and overwhelmed by social media and your presence online?

Do you want to feel:

…empowered to run your own business?

…joyful because you’re finally in control of your future?

…proud of the brand you’ve built and the way you are perceived by your clients?

…inspired by the impact your teaching would have on an unlimited pool of students (and income)?

…excited that you finally know how to make social media work for you?

…in control of how you spend your time?

It sounds wonderful, right? So what's stopping you?


I am so alone in
all of this. I don’t know anyone
else doing this.


I am just not that technical and it takes me so long to learn.


I’ve tried learning this online stuff but it’s too much. I just want someone to show me what to do.


I am so afraid to start
and not finish. Or what if I can’t do it?

We’ve helped hundreds of yogis start and build their businesses.

If you’re identifying with any of this, you’re in the right place.

We know how to cut through overwhelm and help amazing yogis + healers create and scale businesses online.

We have the perfect solution for you.


OurNamastream Strategy Sessions:

1. Find your blind spots online and work to address each one.

2. Get you known to a bigger audience of people who need you.

3. Expand your earning potential (because you’re worth it).

Here's what a few students have said about working with us:

My experience with Jennifer and Sandy has exceeded my expectations. If it wasn’t for their support and tenacity, I wouldn’t be doing online classes.
Sara Pasterski 

Support, kindness, and authenticity in a company is rare–I feel like I hit the jackpot and that I can ask any question and get any support I need from Jeni and Sandy as I develop my content and product. It’s amazing how supportive and freeing it is to work with people seriously excited and vested in helping me manifest a dream. I have a renewed hope in ME and a profound letting go of the fear ‘how am I going to pull this off?’ Because my answer is ‘I have namastream.’
Nikki Eisenhauer


I was able to launch my studio quickly. It’s humble beginnings, and I am so grateful. It was the help of Sandy and Jeni that allowed me to get started so much sooner than I expected.
 Jen Wende

‘I am so pleased with how wonderful you both are.  You have given me the confidence so I know that I can do this!’
Cathleen Reid



We’re Jennifer Barcelos + Sandy Connery, the co-founders of Namastream.


We are entrepreneurs, mamas, and yogis, and we’ve have spent the last few years advising and guiding yoga teachers and other wellness practitioners on how to successfully take their teaching online and create passive revenue.


We’ve strategized with them on what they should teach, how they should price, how to advertise, and how to effectively use social media. We believe that the world needs more of what you teach. We believe your voice is needed in this world. Technology should not stop you.


We absolutely love this work.

The one thing that frustrates us?


Seeing incredibly talented yoga teachers abandon creating that business online that they desire because they don’t have the technical know-how or anyone to walk them through it.


We’ve learned from working with hundreds of businesses in the wellness space that knowing WHAT to focus on can be overwhelming. Even if you do know what to do, figuring out HOW to do it can sometimes trip you up.


From our own experience with running Namastream we know one thing for sure —

Creating a business is so much easier (and more fun) with trusted partners to guide you every step of the way.


We love doing this work. We’d be honored to be your partner.


Did you know that over 90% of online courses are never completed?

This program is different.

We’ll be right there beside you.

Guiding, advising, and teaching you.

Every step of the way.

 We’ll help you build what you envision + get you there faster.


week1Week 1: Define Your Freedom.

Identify what your earning potential is and bring clarity to your business model.

Identify your revenue goals and how will you reach them.

Gel clear on how you want your life to be.

Week 3: Offerings

What will you sell?

How will you price?

Identify your opportunities to take what you have and make it pop online.

Week 2: Online Presence

Understand the landscape of your brand online.

How do people see you online?

Exact strategies + recommendations for improving your online presence

Week 4: Action

Understanding social media and online marketing

Vanity metrics vs. real impact to the bottom line

Which platforms + tools are ideal for YOUR business right now.

Why is this different than other programs teaching yoga and business?

Because it’s all about you and your business right this minute.

Your students are looking and asking for you online.  Let’s get you there.

We believe you should have an authentic online presence, a rock solid platform
and money coming into the bank.

This is for you if:

checkmarkAre ready to get creative and hustle to build the business of your dreams.

checkmarkWant to explore a unique revenue stream with yoga teaching.

checkmarkLove building community

checkmarkWant an online business that stays true to your heart.

checkmarkHave a sense that your should be teaching online

checkmarkWant some freedom and flexibility with your teaching.

checkmarkBursting with entrepreneurial energy but don’t know where to start.

checkmarkHave specialized teaching that more people need access to than just those in your geographical area.

checkmarkStarted to explore having an online and then was too overwhelmed and stopped.

This is NOT for you if:

checkmarkHave zero interest teaching online.

checkmarkBelieve that it will happen passively or with very little effort

checkmarkLack basic technology skills (as in don’t own a smart phone and never been on Facebook)

checkmarkRefuse to use social media.

checkmarkHighly value your privacy and never want a picture of yourself to appear online

checkmarkBelieve that no one makes money online.

Ready to work together?

Your Investment of $1800 will change the course of your business. Forever.

Let’s do this!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee that you’ll happy with your investment.

For any reason, you can request a refund within 14 days of your purchase.

Still Have Questions?

Do I need to be a Namastream customer to find value in these sessions?

No, you do not need to be a Namastream customer to find value in our digital strategy sessions. These sessions are for those that believe they want to build an online business.

Are you going to suggest that I spend hours on social?

Nope. We’ll take a look at all your accounts and see where it makes sense to focus your time.

What can I expect to have when I’m done?

You will have a clear understanding of who your ideal customer is, what your offerings are, how you will price your offerings, and how you will drive clients to your business. You’ll have a written roadmap, complete with a step-by-step action plan for launching your first/next program online.

Will these sessions help me if I am a current Namastream client?

Yes, absolutely! They are the perfect compliment to what you are doing. We’ll help you with attracting more students and more sales.

I’ve signed up. What happens next?

We’ll be in touch via email to set up our first session. In that email, you’ll also receive your first set of worksheets so that we can learn more about your business and goals.